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Hey guys,
I was directed here by one of my friends, who said you all were a knowledgeable group who would could really help me find what im looking for. I apologize in advance for not being very savy about headphones. After years of use, my old headphones have finally broken, and im looking for some new ones. Here's what i'm looking to for.

Neutral Sound- One of my hobbies is producing and dj'ing, so i definitely need some headphones that are neutral.
Open/Closed- Doesn't matter to me
Price- Less than 200, although a little more than 200 would be alright if it's worth it.
Comfort- While I wont be using my headphones for 10 hours at a time, I certainly dont want me ears to be killing me after an hour of use. I will ocassionally use them for extended periods, so comfort is important, but i dont want to trade quality for comfort.

And of course, as good a sound as I can get for the price. Two headphones I was looking at were the Grado SR 60 for $70 and the audiotechnica ATH-M50S for $160, but id love to hear from people who know much more than me about this stuff which headphones would be the perfect fit for me. Thanks so much in advance!