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Atrio has quality bass in copious amounts, yes. However, it lacks the speed and crispness overall for genres like trance. For trance I recommend Image X10, for everything else (besides classical) I recommend Atrio.
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Originally Posted by ethan961 View Post
Do you want an insanely large amount of bass, or just a lot? The Super.Fi 5 EB sounds like what you want, but they have an extreme amount of bass. I recommend the 5 pros, they still have lots of bass, it just isn't extremely overpowering like the EBs. The SF5 Pros are also said to be built a little better.
I recommend not buying the SF5 Pro at all unless you've demoed it beforehand and like the sound signature. At its common street price, there are far superior IEMs that just sound better (Two off the top of my head: Sleek Audio SA6, Klipsch Image X10). That's not to say that the 5 Pro isn't a good IEM, but that the street price hasn't adjusted to its actual value.
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how about the shure scl 4 for $79.99 white only:

Buy Shure SCL4 Sound Isolating Earphones with Bass Port | In-Ear Professional Headphones | Musician's Friend

i can't find any reviews on the shure scl 4 from this forum.
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So how does the 751s compare with the EBs in terms of bass?
Im looking for an iem that will give me tons of bass just for my house, hiphop and rap music just like im in a club or something. The 751s could be found at about $100. While the EBs are about $180 and have a replaceable cable which is really convenient. I was thinking about saving up for EBs cus i need those club amounts of bass and because i could replace the cable when needed. But I also heard that the 751s beat the EBs in terms of bass and general sound quality.
I also dont want these to break on me within one year. So im kinda leaning towards the EBs.

which one should i get??
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Originally Posted by Townyj View Post
Im still out to recommend the FX500's for bass :P and they sit in ear how you like them to....
true: the fx500 are a very nice bass phone. they are faster than atrio and thicker. but the bass is not as natural. however, out of all dynamics i have heard, combined with their speed, they have the most hifi of any, i just wish it was a bit more natural. they are close to boomy but not. nothing like the c700.

if they were a bit more sparkly up top, they would be perfect.
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I went from using a Atrio 24/7 to a Sony EX90 with the cling film mod..... They sound quite good in terms of bass n overall

I recommend the EX85 with cling film mod, i only bought the EX90 due to their power handling capability...!!
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