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I've just ordered a new VDAC-II and I'd like to use it as an hi-quality car inside my car (Audi A4 with Bang & Olufsen 7.1 500W option).  

I'm currently using a Beresford Caiman (that I had in house, unused) and sounds excellent, but is a pain to use in the back of the car, where the AUX Audio inputs are (I've to switch it on anytime I power the car, and then manually select the optical input...).


I'd like to directly use the 12V from car battery, but I woudn't like destroying my new DAC...

Might you please advise on how to do this?  Do I need a using a fuse?

Many thanks in advance!



the Musical Fidelity VDAC-II has just arrived.

I can say that the Caiman, after just a few comparisons, seems sounding just a bit better (to low frequencies, basses) than my very very new VDAC-II.  Even if we've to consider that:

1. the VDAC-II has been switched on for just 30 minutes (no burn-in yet)

2. the Caiman has a by far better power supply (2.4A vs 0.5A at 12V).


The VDAC-II has the big advantage (for car usage) that is always on and has a physical switch to select optical or usb input.  So it can work completely unattended in the back of my car...


I keep asking - if anybody knows - if and how could be better to power the VDAC directly from the car 12V battery (with no 12-220-12V conversions).

Meanwhile I'll do better tests between these two (anyhow excellent) DACs.

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I highly recommend using the Pyramid High Power Noise Suppressor NS-12 (Amazon has it) to connect in between your battery and the MK-II DAC.  I use the NS-12 at home connected to my heavy duty Pyramid PS3KX 12V PSU.  With the NS-12 noise suppressor connected, my noise background is completely black (silent) with any of my amps turned up to the maximum.


I would guess that you want a high quality fuse system connected as well in-line prior to the point of the NS-12 and MK-II DAC.  


Hope that this helps.   Happy listening.

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Can anyone tell me if the V-DAC II would be an improvement over the DAC in my Marantz CD5003?


The Marantz has the CS4392 24bit/192khz CIRRUS LOGIC converter.


Right now I have the Marantz connected to a Little Dot III tube headphone amp through the RCA outputs.


Or is there something in this price range I should be looking at instead?

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The V-DAC II has been discontinued.  :(


What other alternatives are there in this price range?

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The V-DAC II has been replaced with the V90-DAC.

I have one and like it. I do not know how it compares with the V-DAC II.

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