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The VDAC has line level outputs so you would need an amp.
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nycbone, thanks for your message.


I now realise my third question was quite lame. I was so much into comparing DAC that I didn't even check if the V-DAC had a headphone output.


My two first questions are still open though !

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I upgraded from Musiland 02 and I felt obvious difference in midrange and soundstage. I am very satisfied with V-Dac after Musiland.


But I sold Musiland a good price here and bought V-dac good price, I only added about 120$.. I dont know if it would worth 210$ difference..

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Now that have been using the Powerking PSU for some time, are you still happy with it and does it run warm, or cause the VDAC to get warm?

Originally Posted by Calvin&Hobbes View Post


A decent PSU rated at least 50W will do, one 90-120W unit runing at 12 to 13'5V is perfect and you may have it for (well) under $50 (ePay).

Based on this kind advice I went to the local electronics shop yesterday and bought a switchable power supply delivering 5000mA at 12V (i.e. 60W). The package contains six output plugs, one of which fits the V-DAC. The guy in the shop connected the output plug in the correct polarity for me (crucial), so nothing could go wrong.

And things couldn't have turned out better!! The PSU works like a charm. All my reservations are now gone! My original source has a big PSU and this turns out to be the missing element with the V-DAC.
No more questions from my side concerning prat, impact, attack, upsampling downside or what-so-ever..
The sound has become spot-on with more control and punch (strong and taut bass).
Instruments are loaden with energy.
And there is improved definition, with velvet-black background (poetic terminology from ADD) and no more "small fruits splashing against the wall" (also proza from this forum) as was evident from a somewhat blurred sound before.

Thanks again for this recommendation . For only 30 Euro I am now completely satisfied.

Here is a link to the PSU I use:
Best switch mode power supply 6V - 15V (up to 5 Amp) at e.g.:
AC/DC Adapters
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Cheers, just got a Power King. Absolutely stunned with it. I only paid £25 in the UK. Makes the original PSU sound like it is worth £5.


If you want to improve your V-DAC but cannot afford one of the exotic alternatives, get on of these from these people:



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Opinions on this power supply?:

I have been told a battery is the best power supply for an audio component. So I modded a 12V powerless drill and added an out cable with the correct plug. The V-Dac still works fortunately and there is a noticably sound difference. It aren't the basses but more so the very high tones you can hear better. Little bells and sandy noises are more pronounced. I believe I don't like this effect so much. For now I use the standard power supply but I will try the battery later again.


IMG_2062 (Medium).JPG

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Linear Regulated PSU or Switch-Mode PSU?

As replacement PSU's I see two different types of PSU's recommended. The Pyramid PS-3KS linear PSU is often used and even promoted at Amazon. This forum seems to favor a 2-5 Amps switch-mode PSU. A switch-mode PSU slices up the sinusoidal AC wave (Wikipedia) and therefore is not suitable for high-end audio or so I thought. However I prefer the type of housing of a switch-mode PSU to the bulky liniar PSU's. Who knows about these things?

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Hi guys, i didn't understand if the V-DAC always upsamples to 24/192 on the SPDIF inpunt. Does anyone know it?

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Originally Posted by Kenfoxy View Post

Now that have been using the Powerking PSU for some time, are you still happy with it and does it run warm, or cause the VDAC to get warm?


Both the PSU and the V-DAC get slightly warm. The original walmart, by comparison, used to get hot. Now that I have lived with it a bit, what is stunning is the dynamics are so much better. It feels as if I am using a more powerful amp. At £25 it is no brainer because the Powerking is a variable voltage multi- adaptor, so can have many uses.

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Noob question here, and I'm sorry if it has already been addressed in the thread.  Can you hook up two sources simultaneously through the coax and optical inputs?  Will the V-DAC just choose whichever is powered on? Thanks.

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Yes, it just chooses whichever is powered on. Can't remember what happens if you have both powered on. My V-dac sounds great connected to my "old" Marantz CD player. If you can check it out with your CD source first because it may be very good to begin with.

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Thanks.  I'm running my Squeezebox via coax now, and I was thinking of adding my cd player (Onkyo DX-7555) via optical.

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Hi guys,


I am new to the forum and interested to buy the v-dac for my HTPC server. Since there is no distributor for this product in Canada, can anyone suggest a cheaper way to source it from UK directly? I know that I may have to pay customer duty and sales tax buying it from the US but if I have to pay this extra cost, I might as well buy it directly from UK which has a lower listed price.





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Can any current v-dac owner tells me if the stock power supply have variable voltage input, such as 110V ~ 240V or it has fixed voltage for specific regions. I am considering to order it directly from the UK.





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This aftermarket power pack is suitable for voltages from 110 to 240.









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