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Anyone using the V-DAC directly connected to active speakers, no pre-amp in between?

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I've just read that the v dac doesn't have an on/off switch!

This could be problematic for me.

So i wanted to ask you if any of you know it's power consumption. Is the psu stabilized?

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A lot of MF kit is designed to be left on all the time. None of the X-CAN series have on/off switches and the V2's PSU gets very hot. For safety I switch my kit off at the socket at the end of the day. But I accept that there is unlikely to be any issue, as I say they are designed to be left on.

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Originally Posted by zappp View Post

Anyone using the V-DAC directly connected to active speakers, no pre-amp in between?

I have before and it sounds very detailed. I now have a tube amp inbetween and it helps round off the highs.

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The other day I purchased the MF V-DAC to go with my Matrix M-Stage amp and AKG 702s. To make sure I have everything setup right, I have a question regarding my PC settings running Windows 7 and foobar with WASAPI plugin.


The specs say this dac automatically upsamples to 24/192. Under control panel -> sound, I can change my soundcards spdif bit depth and sample rate output. Also in foobar you can change the bit depth as well. Now if I'm playing a 16/44.1 flac source, is this what I should set my spdif output to (and foobar?) and have the dac handle all of the upsamping?


I'm assuming that the dac will be able to do a better job, but I'm not sure. Thanks!

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I tried the V-DAC directly pluggd into my subwoofer. Detailed sound, but I still prefer through preamp (solid state, class A). Warmer, fuller and more bass punch.  

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Hi all,


I got an V-dac today. I have Win 7 and installed ASIO drivers and using with them.


But I have a question I couldnt solve.


ASIO icon on the tray says it is sampling 44.100 khz. Is it normal?


Does V-dac upsampling to 192 kHz automatically or do i have to do something to upsample?



Also do you prefer WASAPI or ASIO? Is there any differences?

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ASIO is sending it at 44.1 to the VDAC which then upsamples to 192.


Shouldn't be any significant differences between ASIO and WASAPI I think, if both are working correctly.

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Thanks knubbe. Then, everyting is working fine for me.


Also I am very satisfied with V-dac after Musiland 02.. But I am very sad for not finding usb cable inside the package. For this cost, this wouldnt be happened..

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I pulled the trigger finally and received the V-Dac the other day for my 2ndary setup. I was using my LDI+ originally (with a D10 as a dac) out of my Airport Express. I sold the D10 as it just didn't seem to be making a big difference in the chain and simply was using the LDI+ out of the Airport Express recently. It was ok but I knew a dedicated Dac would really improve the setup over the modest AEX internal Dac. It does. I'm thrilled so far - I very much love my DacMagic on my main rig and was curious about the VDac for a while. The soundstage was immediately expanded and improved. It's the exact same size as the LDI+ so when I stack them - they look like they were made for one another. Running an optical from the AEX to the V-Dac is an improvement. The detail and clarity in my music from my beloved k271s are certainly impressive - they were sounding a bit flat before the V-Dac. I listen to a wide variety of genres - leaning a bit towards acoustic, vocals, Roots Rock and Blues.


After reading this thread - and hearing many call it warm, lush, etc. - I was slightly apprehensive about mating it with a tube/hybrid amp - but they really seem like a fantastic compliment to one another. I think it actually has a very transparent quality to it. My favorite EF91 Mullard tubes from the LD really seem to have tightened up a bit - the lows have great impact and are not in the least bit muddy - the highs are crisp and the mids that my 271s excel at seem much better at the present. Voices, acoustic guitars, cymbals - all beautiful and very present. Great little unit!

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Wonder if any of V-DAC owners could compare it to the Audinst HUD-MX1. I want to buy some new DAC and both units will cost about the same amount of money. I know that V-DAC is a bit warm and HUD-MX1 is very neutral, but which of them has e.g. better soundstage?


Also I would like to ask whether V-DAC has to be connected to an amp. I have read about it and it seem to do not have a headphones out. Is there anyway to use it without amp?

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I can't compare the two, but do not classify the V-DAC as warm. I use it with an LD 1+. While the 1+ has a warm tube sound, using my CD player with and without the V-DAC shows that the DAC (to my ears) provides far more clarity and detail, but is otherwise neutral. Again, to my ears (see rig below).


The V-DAC has a line out only, so you will need an amp.

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Thank you for your response. I guess I will stick with HUD-MX1 although I still wait for some other suggestions in my own thread where I ask for help. Anyway - thanks a lot!

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The long awaiterd MF V PSU is OUT! i saw it on Music Direct yesterday and immediately went to check with the local agent. Its there! Guess will pull the trigger to get it soon : )


Any V Dac owner already got one? :)


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I have a couple of questions for V-DAC owners here.


I currently use a Nuforce uDac and I'm thinking of upgrading it (even though I'm perfectly happy about its performance).


1) People who have had or tested both, would you say there is a clear difference between the sound produced by the two ?


2) I can get a V-DAC for 199€ (roughly $260), if we assume I can sell my uDac for $50, would the $210 difference be justified ?


3) Does it make sense to use a V-DAC as a source for high end cans like Grado RS1i ? Would I need an amp inbetween ? If anyone here tried the combination, how do you like it ?



Thanks a lot for your input.


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