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I'll be interested to hear how the V compares to Dacmagic. Please, do tell when you get it.
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There are a few comparisons around the place. The one I remember is in the UK meet where a few guys compared the two. They concluded the differences were not as big as one might think.
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Originally Posted by dongringo View Post
Anyone know how the VDac compares to ibasso dacs like D4 or D10?
Ditto. Has anyone compared the V-Dac to the D4? I've heard the D4 is an extremely good dac for the $$$, but how does it stack up against the MF which is also described as very good for the $$$?

Which is goodier for the $$$?

show me the $$$

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Brief impressions

Well, from the time that i have had testing it (in occasions). The only difference that i have found with my XMOD, is that it have a more clean sound (there is no audible hiss) at higher volumes, and that it have more power [really more volume (almost double more)]. I have tested it first with an universal AC/DC adapter which give slightly better sound quality than the stock one. For last, i bought a regulated 12V adapter (the stock one give a voltage of 17.3V +/- and the universal give 16,10V +/-, which overheat the unit (much quicker with the stock one)).
The soundstage and details seem to be (for the moment) about the same between the two sources.
I have to do a lot of more tests, to see real diferences (if there are...)
I do the tests running the DAC via USB.
Originally Posted by Wilashort View Post
Well finally, i received my V-DAC yesterday (from this time). I will test it today to see how it is, and i will compare it with my XMOD...
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Just got the V-Dac !
Wow the sound is much better now.
How will it better after burn in ?!?!
Ok I have to continue my listening
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I will state up front that I believe burn-in is a myth for solid state (and non-moving parts), so my statement that my V-DAC sounded great (stunning, actually) from the first moment I plugged it in, and it still sounds great almost 3 months later--no change, except that I'm now used to how great it sounds is not surprising.

PS: I'm using an external regulated power supply, not the wall wart, as that does have a significant impact on proper Opamp function.
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In my point of view I think the burn in phenomena is still real...
BUT anyway burn in just mean that you have to let your equipment play...
no big deal
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Happy V-DAC owner since August 2009.
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Okay the V-dac has arrived fine this time (from ebay ukaudiogalleria).

Listening to mine now, will try a comparison with my dacmagic some time (v-dac is for my second rig anyway, so both are keepers).
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I'm researching a DAC + Amp setup for home use. As of right now, the knowns are a PC with only USB out, and AKG K271 cans. I'm thinking about some K702s for home use, and leaving the K271s for work.

This will be my first DAC/Amp. I also am thinking about an amp for work to help out the Ipod.

I am leaning towards a vDac + unknown amp (vCan?). Are there recommended amps for use with the vDac? And AKG?

How does this compare to the Musiland Monitor 02?

The other possibilitiy is a combo DAC/Amp, like the LD Dac II or the Maverick Tube Audio D1. For the price, it seems on the surface to be a good starting point into the dac/amp world.
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Vdac and Sheer Audio HA-006+ (Dynalo) is a pretty mean combo that is worth looking into sranderle.
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V-Dac Problem?

Hello to everybody! I would like to ask if anybody had the problem Im having with my recently aquired V-Dac. I have it for one week now and I think it sounds great but when I unplug the DC connector after listening music and plug it back again later, only sometimes it recognizes coaxial, so I have to unplug the
DC connector and plug it back again 2 or 3 times until it works again. I have also tried with an optical cable and happened the same.

Any opinions about this problem? Thank you!

Sorry about my english, its not my native language, Im from Porto, Portugal.

My system: iPod Touch - Onkyo ND-S1 - Qed Performance Digital Audio Cable - V-DAC - Atlas Equator MkII Interconnect - Cyrus 3 - QED Revelation - ProAc Tablette 50.
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Is V-Dac kind of an underrated DAC? I think it sounds fantastic - very open, airy, spacious and detailed - but I see a lot of comments intimating that it's not really that great. For $300 it seems like a steal.

I'll trust my own ears and continue to enjoy it, but I was just curious as to what others might have perceived is the consensus on this DAC.

Btw, the poster asking above about amps, I think this DAC pairs especially well with tube amps, as it has excellent clarity and doesn't succumb to getting muddy or too smeared by tubes. I think I would tend to avoid overly bright or SS sounding amps, unless maybe you really like a very bright SS sound.
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Nice to hear that it pairs well with tube amps because I'm getting one on Friday to pair with a MAD Ear+ HD.
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Originally Posted by dongringo View Post
Nice to hear that it pairs well with tube amps because I'm getting one on Friday to pair with a MAD Ear+ HD.
Well, I'm kind of biased in favor of a tube sound, so YMMV. I think the V-Dac is in fact often perceived as a warmer dac, but I don't really hear it that way because it sounds pretty even and balanced to me, with good detail. I didn't like it all with the SS c-2c amp, but I didn't really like that amp itself, so maybe it was more the amp than the pairing. I use it with an SS now, but it's a tubier sounding SS, and I actually find it pretty lush with this set up. So maybe a lot depends on equipment synergy, as is so often the case.
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