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How much does it cost to heat your home/apartment?

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I got a natural gas bill for the first pretty cold month I've lived in this apartment, and it is very high. $221 for 29 days of heat (from a gas furnace) in a 1000 sq ft apartment.. It's the first floor of a two-flat in Chicago. We are paying for the gas clothes dryer and probably water heater that is shared with the apartment above us. How much do you think that would add to the bill?

How much are you paying to heat your living place with natural gas? If you can, please state how many square feet it is along with the location. I'm trying to get some general information before we call the gas company tomorrow.
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That's completely over-the-top ridiculous. We get free heat and hot water with our apartment here in Blacksburg, VA.
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Natural Gas. $175.00/mo in the winter. heat, water, cooking. Summer $20.00, 2300sq/ft.
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My house is electric and that bill is about $200 a month summer and winter but I think some/a lot of that is my water heat taking a dump on me.
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When I live in the city- I almost never turn on the heat. But that doesn't deduct anything. Heat is included in the assessment (because the way it is delivered to the rooms isn't possible to monitor usage I believe)- so I don't know exactly how much it is because so many other things are included in that, but it can't be nearly that much.
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Originally Posted by MD1032 View Post
That's completely over-the-top ridiculous. We get free heat and hot water with our apartment here in Blacksburg, VA.
If you get free heat, how could you know what your consumption costs, or what is ridiculous?

It is totally possible to lower your heating bill. Buy and install "smart" thermostat that is programmable by time of day. This one thing lowered the gas bill $20 a month, which paid for the $50 thermostat very quickly. When you're out of the house, program the temperature to fall 5 degrees. Check your windows, turn down your water heater until it is hot enough to hold a hot shower for the full duration + margin of error. Drop the temp in general, and wear sweaters. Water heaters can add quite a lot to a gas bill, especially if it is turned up to a high temperature.

We keep our place at 67 deg F, and last month's bill was about $85. 900 sq. ft flat in an old brick building, 4th floor. It's been fairly cold here too, ~20 deg F weather.
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Down here in NC, about ~$40. Of course, a summer time gas bill is $25.

Electric can climb to $80-110 in the summer months though. Similarly sized apartment, old early 60's building too, so I'm sure its not insulated well.

I am sure it isn't nearly as cold here as in Chicago, though. How cold will your place get with no heat?
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I can't install anything because I'm renting the apartment, and I can't change settings for the water heater because it's shared with the upstairs floor.

Mike - you're in that condo building, right (I remember from that Head-Fi meet)? When I rented in a condo building w/central air all I had to do was pay for the electricity to run the fans that bring hot/cold air in.

ph0rk - with no heat, it would get very cold pretty quick. The building doesn't have great insulation and it can get pretty cold in Chicago.
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I just wear more clothes.
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My heat is free. Probably part of the reason my rent is so high.
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The winter days are dark, so consider blocking the windows (BIG heat leakers) with styrofoam panels, and stuff rags around the edges. Hide with curtains. The view may not be worth the gas bill...

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I pay ~$120-130 in natural gas in the winter in NJ for a condo w/ loft of ~1600 sq ft. I also have natural gas for dryer and water heater (neither shared). I set the temperature to 66 F during the day to cut down the costs. I used to have some windows that didn't close well, but those are fixed now.
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I have a house over 100 years old. Turning on the heat adds anywhere between $100 to $500 a month to the bill I already have.
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It varies a lot, depending on time of the year. Since the summer can be +30°C and the winter -20°C.
Summertime -> ~$80 a month
Wintertime -> ~$150 a month
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1200 sq ft house with finished basement. Annual costs less than $900.
Highest bill I've seen in the winter is $150ish.

Good insulation, set back thermostat and lower inside temps help along with a high effieciency furnace. Insulation and furnace are beyond your control. Your landlord may agree to install a programmable thermostat (appeal to his green conscience or to his greed by showing him he can show future tenants reduced utility costs), and if not, may allow you to replace the thermostat at your expense.

Lots of debate regarding heat settings. I personally set the temp at 68 when we're there, let it fall back to 60 while sleeping and 58 when we're gone during the day. This will be my third season running heating temps like this. I could actually be happy with the inside temp @ 66 but my wife would suffer. Like someone said, you can wear warmer clothes or use throw blankets to help keep you warm.

Also, as a first floor tenant you're helping to heat the upstairs apartment just like they help to cool your apartment when they run the a/c.

Good luck.
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