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Originally Posted by Anouk View Post

I was wondering if anyone else in the intervening years has been brave enough to experiment with this mod?

Greetings, Anouk,

It looks like, no is the answer for you. I  myself would not undertake this mod as I am very happy the way it is. Just remember that in the end it is about preference and you might not like this new flavor.

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I was going to try this mod. I turned the driver so that holes are aligned. That alone didn't change the sound that drastically but the little it changed, I liked. Instead of going with the pad thing and coin mod (I like expansive soundstage) I tried something else. I completely removed the bottom part of acoustic lens. Now holes are open and center of the driver is completely exposed. It's risky but worth it. Results were terrific. Sound is bit more clear now. Nature of the headphones did not change it just sound more refined. Biggest improvement was in details. Jvc's are now ridiculously detailed. Detail of analytical headphone with fun jvc sound. Before this mod I enjoyed jvc's best with loud volumes but now these are amazing for low volume listening too.


I don't understand what jvc tried to do with that acoustic lens thingy. It did make headphones sound more speaker like in sense that in general headphones have better detail then speakers and acoustic lens effectively hids the detailing potential of dx1000. If the goal was to mix frequences it has no (positive) effect. It would make sense if headphones had different drivers for bass and highs but with one driver whole range is nicely blended even though distance sound travels to ear is only so short.


If someone want's to try this mod, it's really easy. Lens just pops of and can be put back on as easily. No screws, glue or parts that wear out.


I'm so happy with my dx1000 now that I sold my T1 and w1000x. Took me couple of weeks to make myself do that. I really liked t1 and w1000x but I just didn't want to listen to them anymore after modding dx1000.

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I ended up having other mods done on mine. painted the inner of the ear cups and some dampening material on mine and changed the cable so I can run it balanced too.


Impossible to A and B but it certainly is a better allrounder now with better dampening. By audiophile standards certainly an improvement

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 You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of your painted and dampened dx1000? :)

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Originally Posted by Beocord View Post

 You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of your painted and dampened dx1000? :)

I would never trust myself to open them up so it would be a very booring picture.

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Ok. I've opened my pair way too many times. Can't really open and close them many times, screws are so loose. Not just the ones that connect to the wood but the ones on plastic parts too. Well, perhaps I don't need dampening anyway. Some of the resonances disappeared when I removed the lens anyway. If only I could get rid of some of the nasality with vocals. 95% it's ok but singers that allready have nasal singing style tend to sound annoying. Small problem... but keeping me from being 100% content. Best headphones I've ever heard but I guess one can never be completely happy :D

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