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Comply P-Series

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I guess I have a really big ear canal, the largest P series doesn't even seal it. the untrimmed triflange almost seals it and has a closed feel to it.

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Im liking the modified triple flange = dual - flange

Just got my W3's too! Woot!

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How did you get this to work?


Originally Posted by lucozade View Post

this is the way to go with the w3 ,duel monster supertips ,no sibilance and fantastic deep powerful bass , great mids and bright yet controlled treble .574.JPG


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Originally Posted by chrisssssssss2 View Post

de-core the shortest comply tips, and use the core to put on sony hybrids. sony hybrids work wonders with the Westone 3's. Great comfort, and they sound just right. With complys, I find that the highs are too muffled. The hybrids maintain the highs and there is hardly any sibilance. If there is sibilance present, it is probably due to the source.

Yeah, it's old but man, this just saved my butt. Never would've thought've this and it works flawlessly. I have large ears and the Sony Hybrids are my go to and the Ety triple flanges don't fully seal my left ear (it's my tricky ear). This is by far the easiest way to achieve a proper seal for me with the W3.

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Proguard earportz Are number one imo
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