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I bought charliex's Fostex T-7. Great seller, and absolutely worth of recommendation. Thanks
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I sold Bryan my Stax SR-5/SRD-6. He made it a smooth transaction - very quick payment and great communication. An excellent HeadFier!
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Bought a pair of Sennheiser 212 from Bryan. They were exactly as described, well packed and must have been shipped the same afternoon I paid him because they got here very quickly.

Thanks Bryan!
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I bought charliex's DBI Pro 700. Great communication, smooth transaction and fast shipping. The HPs arrived in perfect working condition, as described. Also thumbs up for accepting an international transaction. Recommended!
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I sold my Stax SR-Lambda's to Bryan. I cannot image dealing with a more easy going, gratious, and appreciative Head-Fi'er. Absolute pleasure every step of the way. Great comms, Great guy, Thanks. Merry Christmas :-)
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sold him my stax sr84 combo. immediate payment, patient with international shipping, all went well
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I sold charliex my Stax SRXMKIII. Great to deal with. No problems. Absolutely recommend.
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sold charliex my yh-3, great person to deal with i love this guy so bad
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Purchased a pair of Denon AH-D750's. Transaction was very good and the product was just as described. Yes, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
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Traded my HF-1 for charliex's SR-5/SRD-6 combo. Excellent transaction every step of the way, communication was great. I'd deal with him again without a doubt.
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Bryan bought some Stax phones from me recently. He worked through the curveballs that Paypal threw at him and made it happen. Good deal, Good guy. Thanks Bryan!
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Contributed to Bryan's Stax addiction once more, with a pair of SR-404's. Bryan was a pleasure to deal with, an excellent Head-Fier.
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Bryan bought my Grado box. He is easy to communicate and paid fast. Would deal with him again.
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Charliex bought an SRD-7 Mk2 energizer from me, and I wanted to leave him feedback after he received it and reported that everything was okay. He was a good buyer, and had good communication, and I would deal with him again. Beware, he drives a hard bargain!
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I sold Bryan my Stax Airbow SC-1. He paid quickly and I highly recommend him as a buyer.

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