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I recently sold Bryan (aka, charliex) a pair of HD580s. He was great to deal with. We agreed to ship them USPS first class (he lives in Canada) to save a few $$. It took about 10 days for the headphones to be delivered. I don't know if I could have waited 10 days and not ping on the seller.

Thanks Bryan. Hope to deal with you again.

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Sold Bryan a pair of AKG K81dj's. Great to deal with, great communication, and fast payment. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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Bryan bought a pair of Denon AH-D1001 headphones from me.

Payment was fast and the whole transaction was very pleasant. I'd not hesitate to do more business with Bryan.
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I bought a pair of AKG K81DJs from Bryan just before New Year's. He was great to deal with and had great communication. Fast shipping, considering he lives in Canada and I live in NY and it was a holiday.

I would not hesitate to do business with Bryan in the future.
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Just bought a pair of Senn. HD570s from Byan. He packed them well, shipped them quickly and provided great communication all the while. Definite thumbs up!
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I sold Jecklin Float Model 1 to Bryan. The transaction was fast and smooth, would easily recommend. Thanks!
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I bought a fiio e3 from Charliex. Shipped FAST from Canada and everything arrived in great condition. Recommended.
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Sold pair modded Grado sr125's

Bryan was a delight to deal with, very clear without being pushy hehe. Glad you liked the headphones so much, enjoy!
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Bryan and I traded some Grados. Everything went well (although the post office was a bit slow in getting his to him), and he had great communication and everything was prompt and straight forward. Thanks, and enjoy your new Grados!
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i sold him 2 headphones. a fostex t7 and a dbi pro700. everything went very smooth, payment and msgs were fast, a great member!
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I sold charliex a Grado SR125 and some other items. Communication was fast and charliex was extremely patient with a new seller (me!) as I figured out how to deal with international shipping, paypal, etc. Payment was prompt, with no issues - a GREAT pleasure to work with charliex.

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Sold Bryan a pair of Yamaha HP-2 headphones..Fast payment and very easy to deal with. Hope you enjoy the headphones as much i did. They really are very nice....and welcome to Team Ortho.
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Just bought a pair of Denon AH-D1001 off Brian. Great guy to deal with. Fast shipping, great packing, and great price!
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Sold Bryan (Charliex) yet another of my beloved Yamaha Orthos..this time the YH-1s. It is always a pleasure to deal with you my friend. Enjoy your new found addiction...a dose of orthogoodness.
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sold charliex my sextett mp. transaction was great, definitely an easy and pleasurable transaction. wouldnt hesitant to do more business with you man
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