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IEM volume levels

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I was wondering if high volumes in IEMs are as harmful to a person's hearing as say full-sized headphones with similar volume levels. When I take my UE3s out of my ears the sound i hear isn't as loud my ipod earphones. Is it only my perception that IEM volumes are too loud because everything else around me is blocked off? Or does the output turn out to be roughly the same decibel ratings considering its closer to my eardrums. Does anyone have any decibel ratings that can compare and contrast the difference between IEMs and earphones/headphones in general?
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Volume, or more precisely Sound Pressure Level (SPL), is measured in the ear canal. 98dB SPL with IEM, with headphone, or with speaker is still the same 98dB. It won't becomes something else.

As I always said, when it comes to what volume is safe: use the minimum volume you need, not the maximum volume you can bear. Just turn the volume down - it is a safer practice than trying to stay just within the limits.
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Good advice ClieOS

I'm wondering, throughout the day, my minimum volume that I need varies quite greatly. Ranging from 3% of my mp3 players volume all the way up to 40%. Anyone else get this?
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