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Tried: Livewires (returned for bad fit,) Atrio M5s (don't really like their bass heavy signature,) Triple Fis (loved the sound signature but the bad fit almost damaged my ears,) Custom-3s (good overall, but want something better)

Kept: Super fi 3s,

Debating to return: Custom-3s.

I want something that will be plugged straight out of a Sony NWZ-639 that I'm about to order, connected to maybe a fiio E3/5. Smooth & clear are my top priority, as lot of my musics are vocals. Highs would come next, separation is important. I hate heavy bass, I much prefer lighter, yet present bass. 2/3 of my music are burned at 128 - 255MP3 (darn Korean music,) so I guess I should put that as well.

I'm going to order Nuforce 8s for sure, but I want to upgrade my custom 3s as well. Suggestions? Looking at Shure, Westones, and Senns. Price should be less than 500, which just about fits everything except the UE customs.