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Gym Phones.

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I'm getting some new Denon C751's for christmas, and when I took them out of the box to check they were working, I realised they're too heavy to run with, and where the cable joins the earphone seems quite flimsy or prone to wear/snagging. For these reasons I wouldn't want to use them exercising, as I want these to last more than 6 months.

I just want some suggestions on cheap phones to use when running or at the gym.

I listen mainly to rock, hip-hop and a bit of electronic.

Are the sennheiser sport range worth a look (the green ones)?

Or would Koss KSC 35's be any good for running etc?
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I would snag a couple KSC75s for $16. If you don't like clip-ons there are plenty of cheap options (like JVC mallows or JBuds J2) that work for in-ear. If you're not worried about bothering people, there's always the PX100 from Sennheiser which are supposed to be pretty light. I've also heard decent things about the Koss SportaPro for working out.

Any way you look at it, the sound quality isn't going to be as good as you'd get out of more expensive phones, but you're going to be a lot better off going this route than ruining your good headphones/IEMs.
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Originally Posted by Taikero View Post
but you're going to be a lot better off going this route than ruining your good headphones/IEMs.
Exactly my point.
I'll take a look at them anyway.
Amazon have the KSC75's up for £13 or so, which is pretty darn cheap.
I do have a pair of CX300's that don't sound too bad after going though the washing machine, they were knackered before, but I'm bored with them after owning them for almost a year and a half.
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i would recommend the Jbuds J2 for the gym, but they're not comfy in the long run.
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I use my custom Freqshows, stays in my ear and doesn't lose seal even when I stretch out my mouth like a tiger(or python).
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how about wearing them up and over your ears, that should take most of the weight off them and hold them a bit steadyer?
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One more thing, I use stock apple buds for running, for some reason they stay in better then the Super fi pro 5 or my Er4ps. I don't use my Freqshows for running because of the sweat. My ears get as wet as they do from just normal wearing.
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there is always the sport range of sennheiser things
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Think I'll go for the Koss or the sport sennhiesers.
I fancy something new anyway.
I also want at least something to listen to if the Denon's die, and the Koss are meant to be very good for the price.
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Would not recommend the Koss for the gym - too open/insecure. They tided me over temporarily - but there's a reason I got my hands on a pair of CX300s...

Is there really such a big difference between the sport senns and the normal non sport versions - they look very similar except some of the sport versions seem to cost ~2x more...
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just got an email saying these going v cheap

Advanced MP3 Players Sennheiser OMX 70 Sport Earphones
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I had a feeling someone was going to say that about the koss.
I might just stick with the CX300's for the gym then, but I do want something new.
Those green senns don't look too, they'd stay in during running, anyway.
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I really like the Nuforce NE-8 for their fit. They stay in your ears very well, and don't need readjusting. The cable is strong yet thin, and it includes a clip, so the cord does not fly around when jogging.

I don't like the KSC-75 for running. The clip design isn't tight enough on my ears, so the diaphragms hop on my ears when I jog. It's a real pain to my music quality.
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I think I'll avoid the Koss for running at least, though I might get some out of curiousity.

Think I'll just get the green sennhiesers, hardly audiophile material, but when I'm dying of exasution I don't think I'll care too much.
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