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amazing. i cannot imagine the sleek staying alive when bicycling. also, the angle at which it goes into the ear is dangerous for much movement.
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I have used a pair of CX300's for trail running and cycling but since I picked up a pair of W3's I have been enjoying my new iem's outside. Unless a chance of rain is predicted I reach for the 300's but for now the W3's have been getting most of the ear time. I would wipe down the cables that wrap around the ear after your workout and examine the nozzles for gunk. I have been using a moist cloth with water to wipe them down. I hear that the sweat buildup can quickly degrade your cables and lead to premature breakage. I guess they were a problem with the Shures. The W3 cables are so light yet very durable. Those new sport Senn's look interesting, kinda reminds me of the old Sony sport walkman back in the days with the yellow color scheme.
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I play it safe and just don't exercise.
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I use my Sleek SA6s for gym workouts, both for weight training (after any heavy lift exercises) and cardio - also used other IEMs before and haven't had any problems with sweat.
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I've been using the super fis as my gym / jogging IEMs for and it's never really been a problem for me, but I mainly do cardio. Sweat was never was a big issue. Only thing in gym that would make me take off the IEMs would be if I was doing heavy free-weight excercises... just doesn't seem too safe to me to have em on.
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Originally Posted by mozi View Post
how do they sound? I was hesitating between those, the cx500's and the etymotic er6i's for exercise.
I'm actually pretty impressed with these CX 380 Sport II's, but they're my first IEMs, so I need to adjust myself to them for a bit, maybe get to listen to other IEMs too. But what I can tell is that these beat all earbuds I've tested, the MX 500 would be the best ones of those I guess (nothing fancy, I'm not a earbud/IEM guy at all).

I'll try to find the time for writing a review of these, I'll try them with my computer's Xmod, and my two portable players, zen stone and iriver H320.

Had em now for a few days only, been jogging a couple of times, not really listening to the quality or anything, just testing how they feel while I'm active, since it's what I bought these for. But about the sound quality I can say right away that they beat PX 200 at least (those were my earlier jogging headphones)
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I've been using my Ety er4's in the gym 6-7 days a week or jogging with them for the past four years, and never had a problem.
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I needed something to handle heavy rain and snow, because I hated it when it started to rain cats and dogs and I had to take my PMX 200 off to keep them safe. Now with the CX 380 Sport II, I can roadwork anywhere anytime, with my music
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I wear my custom Freqshows to lift, but I don't run with them for fear of getting them wet. I've been using my ER4p and Superfi Pros to lift, run for the last 4 years with no problems.
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