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New headphones

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Hi, the first headphones ive had besides the stock ipod ones were 50$ denons. They were good except within a few months one ear bud stopped working. It happened to 2 pairs. Im looking for another pair under 100 dollars, the cheaper the better because im not too serious about my earphones ( even though i listen to my ipod a few hours everyday ) , i just want something with good bass that will last. I'll be skateboarding and jogging so they'll have to stay in my ear. Ive looked around but the ones ive seen either break fast or arent bassy. Any help is appreciated!
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Well, these may have a mic and are meant for iPhone users, but they should also fit your needs perfectly.

ZAGG | Z.buds | Earbuds, In-ear Headphones, Earphones

They have pretty stellar bass for the price point ($65), and they have enough cord management options that they should stay in your ears pretty well. In addition, even if they fall out they won't hit the ground if you wear them around your neck as shown on the website. (Well, unless you biff it hard while skateboarding.....)

The only problem would be if you accidentally busted the mic/volume controls if you had a skateboarding accident (I'm not sure how often you like to try killing yourself). Other than that, these should fit the bill pretty well.

These probably aren't the only option you have, but it's the first thing that came to mind that fit your criteria.
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Those look good but i dont like all the cords around your neck with microphones and volume adjusters, i just want something more basic.
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here are some i found. Again im just looking for good base, durability, and will stay in my ears.

Shure SCL2 Sound Isolating Earphones - Black - SCL2 -

Or maybe d-jays, or creative aurvanas Could i get some opinions on these?
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could someone help me? Sorry for being so impatient im just running out time and dont want to make a wrong decision.
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I don't know how durable they are, but the Nuforce NE-7M has nice powerful bass for $50.
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uhp336 were good when the price was down at 50

edit: agreed with above
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