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Vibes or RE2

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So im looking for a new set of iems to be used as every day headphones for my unamped ipod nano. Im trying to decide between the Vibes and the RE2s but dont know which to pick. What do you guys think? Maybe you have another suggestion i should look at? Im trying to not go over $100, and they need to have a cord that wont turn in to a useless stick as soon as they meet air colder then 40 degrees since i live in Wisconsin.
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Have you searched?
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I havent done alot of searching, i was hoping your suggestions would narrow it down to just a few of the better ones. Making this thread Vibes vs RE2 probably wasnt the best title. The Vibes and the RE2s just happen to be the ones that caught my eye at the moment. Im pretty open for any suggestions.
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no contest at all, RE2. unless you demand a flush inear fit like the vibes offer, in which case neither, ER 6i.
post #6 of 12 Etymotic Research HF5 Portable In-Ear Earphones (Ruby): Electronics

$100 Etymotic HF5.

Just say yes. (Unless you're a basshead. These won't blow you away in bass, only in clarity)
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RE2, no contest. Listening to them right now out of the Zune80, which is a nice combo. For other DAPs, you may need to boost the bottom end via EQ, or get a FiiO E3 or E5. Also, I can't use canalphones without Comply T400s for a good seal, but that's just me. oh, RE2s are on sale too, at
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Update your sig tstarn ^^

I liked my RE2, wish I had them back right now to compare to the ER4p directly. I loved those bi-flanges...
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Have you used the RE2s in the cold, because that is a major problem iv had with other "granted they were cheaper" headphones. I have a pair of scullcandy that i cant even use because the cable is so stiff due to the cold.
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Originally Posted by ZoNtO View Post
Update your sig tstarn ^^

I liked my RE2, wish I had them back right now to compare to the ER4p directly. I loved those bi-flanges...
Oops. My teenage daughter was using them, and she decided to go back to the EP630s (she thinks the RE2s are broken, but it was the extension cable).

Also, here's a vote for the NuForce NE7s, which are also excellent canal phones and cost only $49 (they have an iPhone/Touch button on them, but you don't have to use it for other DAPs). They have very full, not flabby bass, and good detail. NuForce has another model, an over the ear, that is on sale for $58, another worthwhile phone from the posts I've seen. Two nice, low cost canal phones. Again, I need to use Comply T400s or no seal (I lost my giant RE2 bi-flanges. Boohoo).
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So does any one know if the RE2's cable will stay pliable in the cold Wisconsin air? Im kind of leaning toward the Vibes because I think the cloth cable will handle cold weather better the the rubber/plastic cable of other headphones.
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RE2, not even close
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