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Can't remove Tips From IEMs

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Hey guys, stupid situation really...probably an easy fix for it...but uhhhhh, I don't want to use these Olive tips on the shure 530s... but I'm having the damndest time removing them.

I tried pulling, but they won't budge.

pardon the pun, but any tips on removing them??
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be careful. I broke my nozzles trying to get the foams off lol.
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When the foamies got stuck on my 5 EB, I *ever so carefully* used my teeth to pull them off. Much safer than using your fingers since your teeth don't need to clench around the nozzle to grip the back surface of the tips. Only other real option is long fingernails or sliding some needle nose pliers from the base of the nozzle to the front of it while keeping light pressure on the nozzle.

Whatever you do, be careful!
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wow, rats.

Thanks for the pointers, dudes.

Even though those are etys in my avatar, that is the exact look on my face right now.

EDIT: Foam is all gone...but the insert tube is still on... This really blows.
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best tip would be try to loosen first by moving it back and forth a little.
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Well, for future reference, I advise whoever is having a similair problem to this to do what I just did:

It took 2 minutes for each earpiece, but it works.

Use your dominant hand's thumb and in a counter clockwise motion (clcokwise if you're a lefty), press your thumbnail down in 8 spots on an invisible octagon on the base of the tip. You'll see results after the 1st rotation.

Phew, thank God.

EDIT: I guess 8 spots was way overdoing it...just use 3
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For most foamies, it can be a bit scary ... nobody wants to break their earphones.

One way is to act as thought the tip were a lightbulb, and "unscrew" it from the body of the earphones. In other words, you don't simply "pull" the tips off -- you rotate or twist gently ... I rotate the body of the earphone in one direction and the ear tip in the other. It's a careful -- and therefore slow -- oepration, but it's worth it NOT to snap the nozzle on your IEMs. Hope this helps ... works for me, but I'm a little nervous everytime I change foamies (but I prefer the fit and sound of foamies, so I do it).
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Lol. I had a really, REALLY, REALLY hard time with mine. I thought I was going to snap mine apart two days ago when I got them and wanted to toy with the different tips it came with.

Finally, I just got a flat headed screwdriver from an eyeglass kit, wedged the head of it between the olive plastic tube and the earphone nozzle, kind of leveraged it up, and eased it off.

It was really scary the first time but after that, I realized it works and it also doesn't damage my headphones or risk damaging them as much as brute force from using my fingers.
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