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Originally Posted by linuxworks View Post
I'm starting to think its 95% marketing ;(
I'm starting to think your 100% correct

As for the matched drivers thing a few posts back, maybe that's the only difference between the 580/600/650's is that Senn hand matches the drivers for the 650(or not?). I really don't think I could tell the difference, especially when the signals for left and right are different(stereo), not to mention the fact that I can't hear the same with each of my ears.
I can see how this might make a difference in correctly reproducing the space or soundstage to someone with better hearing than myself.
Like you said before, it would be pretty hard to closely match two drivers across the entire audio spectrum, me thinks.
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Originally Posted by rembrant View Post
Sony MDR CD60.
They are great headphones for mid range. Of all the sets I have owned over the years they are some of the best I have heard for the female voice. The price is right too. They have a studio monitor sound that really appeals to people who listen to singers and not bands. I have yet to find a set of phones that really suits the music I prefer(Speedy and complex). I am not a fan of open phones. I don't even try the more expensive sets for fear that I will like them and have to spend money on a set of phones that costs more than my speakers. I guess my point is, if I want to disturb people around me I might as well listen to a set of speakers.
Does it isolate well? To me it looks like most other Sonys that doesn't really isolate.

"Studio monitor" sounding and yet lush? To me those adjective seems to be on the opposite sides of the spectrum.
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I guess I'm showing my age. When I listened to studio monitors back in the day, they where paper speakers basically. Not much came out of them but mid range.

Think of them as quite even with a nice lump in the middle. Far from boomy with soft highs. Compared to the senn eh150's I have now I would say they where very laid back. They isolated well and completely cover the ear. I wish I still had them. After 5 years the right cup broke off. I still have the drivers from them around here somewhere.

Edit: I found some reviews. Most people seem to like them. To me they where only OK. I prefer my modded senns.

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I think I can imagine what you were saying. I think I am checking it out, hope that I can find one.
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I'm really glad I found this thread. I have just called up Sennheiser and placed an order for the HD650 elements, new ear cushions, and a new cable. The ancient springs in my HD580 elements can no longer maintain a good connection with the cable, so I've currently got it hardwired to a starquad cable. I find it sort of amusing that upgrading my HD580's elements to the HD650 version is cheaper than repairing it with the actual HD580/HD600 elements. I'm now eagerly awaiting the packages which will breathe new life into my old friend
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Linux where are you ordering all your parts from? Can you link the website?
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no website - since I'm in the US, I just called senn USA on the phone.

the 650 parts can't be ordered online - they want you to call (not sure why).
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This may be a long shot, but is it at all possible to do this with HD 800 drivers after modding the phones a bit? If you can get a decent price on just the drivers, why not try this.
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The HD600 and HD650 are based on the HD580. They all have the same shape, so their parts are interchangeable. The HD800, on the other hand, is a totally new design. It's highly unlikely that you'll just be able to pop HD800 parts into another headphone... of course, that probably wouldn't stop some headfiers from trying if the opportunity should arise :P
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I know this is an oldish thread, but Linuxworks has it in his sig and I just noticed it. Sue me

Originally Posted by linuxworks View Post
not sure yet. they are said to have a different sound (bit of a dip in the midrange, I think) and I wanted to see what the hype about the 650 was all about, too.

they don't sound THAT different from the 580. I could tell immediately if I put some sony cans on; but the 580 to the 650 is not day and night.
I have 580s and 650s and I would not describe the difference as subtle. While my ears may be more critical then most, I have a coworker who's ears are definitely not. He listens to a pair of Sony MDR-600s. I had him compare my 580s and 650s and he could describe the same differences I hear. 650s have a fuller low end. I've read people say that the highs and/or mids seemed recessed on the 650s. After a lot of comparison, I think the mids and highs are a little "smoother" on the 650s. To me, they are there in the same quantities as the 580s, but they have a slightly different "feel". I also don't like the description of the 650 bass as "boomy". There is definitely more bass, but I think it is still very accurate and refined.

I will admit though that I am a HUGE fan of the 650s

Originally Posted by rogerlike View Post
Hey Linuxworks, nice job and nice project title

It's my understanding that what made the HD580 Jubilee special was the use of (anti-resonant) carbon fibre for the frame and headband, and reportedly makes a big sonic difference (subsequently used in both HD600 and HD650). The step up from a standard HD580 to an HD600 is supposed to be pretty non-subtle.
definitely non-subtle

Originally Posted by linuxworks View Post
if they did provide a matching service, I might consider paying for it as long as it wasn't overly expensive, but I'd also expect graphs of each driver to PROVE to me that they did something for the money

do brand new 650's come with charts? real ones that were measured from the actual drivers?

or do people just go on faith that this is being done?

personally, I'm often of the mind of "pics or it didn't happen" (lol) as kids today are fond of saying
I just let me ears decide if they like the phones
I never even knew they claimed to match the drivers lol
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I really wonder if the lower bass of the 650's is MOSTLY due to tighter clamping of the headband!


when I had the 650 drivers in my 580 band, it seems pretty much identical. I do think the 650 drivers in the 650 band do 'feel' stronger in bass but it just may be simple clamp pressure that explains it.
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Could you post up a part's # list for the 650 buildup, using the 600 grills? I definitely want to do this, however I want to make sure I get all of the parts on the first try
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Originally Posted by linuxworks View Post
no website - since I'm in the US, I just called senn USA on the phone.

the 650 parts can't be ordered online - they want you to call (not sure why).
Hmmm...I wonder if this could be done with my 555's.

Do they ask you what you're using the drivers for, or is it just a run-of-the-mill telephone order?

EDIT: Re-read the thread and caught you just need to call and ask for "repair and replacement parts." So, it really is that easy...
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linuxworks, have you done a comparison of your Franken650s with the original 580 setup? You said that there was not a pronounced difference when you first popped the new drivers in, I was just thinking that maybe this was because the new drivers needed to properly burn-in and all that.

Seems like you basically have 2 sets of headphones then, right? for you personally, how's the difference sound now after the new cans have gotten comfortable?
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where do you get the drivers for 40us$
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