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So tempting, congrats.
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Originally Posted by RAQemUP View Post
Nice rubberband! With the thickness of that Dap/amp combo, you should get one of those Livestrong rubber wrist bands or similar. Not only is it much sturdier then that rubberband but it will look about 1 million times better. You could also get a velcro strap or the velcro with sticky tape to put inbetween.
I plan on it but i just want a blank black one. I find it hard to bring myself to pay $6 shipping on amazon for a 99 cent wristband. So i'll do the rubber bands until i find something.

Plus didn't you know that the rubber bands add to the bass?

The ipod case is silicone so velcro wont work.
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Wow. You got quite a nice amp for it being your first amp.
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I've just ordered this same amp, but am now really wishing my Cowon D2 had a true line out. I love the look of that Qables LOD as well.

Its funny, with normal 50ohm and less headphones, the D2 is miles above the iPod in sound quality. But now that I got the AKG 702's which really require an ext. amp, I wish I kept the ipod just for the lineout. Figures.
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Some pics with my 2 new headphone purchases.

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All my phones must be very easy to drive because I never need to turn it up much at all. I switched the gain over to the low/IEM setting via the 2 switches under the battery and its much better.
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Sweet looking amp. I almost bought the 3Move based on having previously owned a Porta Corda MkIII-USB...great sounding amp/DAC but not so great looks.

I have no doubt that the 3 sounds excellent. The collector in me still wants one. My wallet holds me back.
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Congrats on the amp! Now I just hope you don't get a case of upgradeitis. I've had a bad one for the last month or so and it's killing my wallet!
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So, after a while of burning in - how doe the M50 and the Corda play together?
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M50 has slow bass in that combination.
But bass is better than M50 used unamped
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i have a 2move, does anyone know if the device can recharge 9volts if an ac adapter is plugged in?
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I don't think any of the MOVE series can recharge battery.
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@Guitarman - i'd recommend to put your amp in High Current/Low Gain mode. I believe that it is now set up on low current mode. From my past experiences High Current mode/low gain is the best configuration for your 3Move, you should obtain a better drive of your headphones. Wait till you try an home headamp from Jan - that's a different story
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Sry for bumping this thread.
What is this switch in front of the amp ?

I read manual that both adjusting high gain-low gain and high current-low current are done inside the amp, which you have to screw it open. So I don't know what the above one does, can anyone explain ?

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