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Durable replacement for Pk3

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So I got pk3 about 1.5 years ago. Sound quality was amazing compared to my ipod buds, but construction quality is just awfull. - The connector fell apart in just 2 months(shield wire stopped covering copper wires) and I had to tape it with scotch tape, that held off for surprisingly long time(but looked like **** and had to be retaped periodically) , but 2 months ago the cord itself broke in 5 places (it became very stiff and brittle) and it finally lost sound in 1 ear

I use them at gym ,so there is some stress - primarily on cable and connector. Ipod phones for example have much sturdier cable and connector and I am sure would last longer .

So I want something of good ,sturdy assembly quality, with a sound which would be noticeable improvement over ipod ones, I dont like canal buds. Any suggestions please?
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May be you will like this one... I heard a good review about it and it sounds really good plus it is Titanium look really good...

Audio-Technica ( S.E.A) Pte Ltd - ATH-CM700Ti
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Sorry to hear about your PK3. They're a great set of earbuds; it's a shame Yuin went cheap on the cable like that. My PK2 are headed the same way. I plan to try to recable them when the cord goes completely.

If you're after something for the gym, maybe take a look at the Sennheiser MX70? They're advertised as being very durable and moisture resistant, which would suit your purpose really well. And they sound pretty good too! I picked some up for cheap a few weeks ago and I was quite surprised at the sound. Maybe not as good as the PK3, but I think the drop in SQ would be a reasonable trade off for the durability.
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Possibly just get a bunch of KSC75s? IDK seems sort of unorthodox.
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CM700 are very bass light, though the bass has good punch. While durable earbuds, just don't expect that same bass you get form PK3. The mids and highs though are top notch though.
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in the gym I just use the cheapest iems I can get
try the philips Philips SHE2650
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Originally Posted by aris View Post
in the gym I just use the cheapest iems I can get
try the philips Philips SHE2650
Sorry for the late response...

I second the SHE2650, they seem ordinary in construction. Mine are OK so far, at least they are cheap enough to replace when they go bad or get lost. The sound is very good, nice mids and bass, complex high tones get congested. I think they beat the popular JVC Gumy, although the Gumy gives the impression of being of stronger construction.
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