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I am thinking about getting a bluetooth headset for my I-Phone 3g anyone
have any experience good or bad from what I have read the Jawbone and
Plantronics 925 seem to be the best but unfortunately there is no way to
demo these.
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Are you talking about the Jawbone or the Jawbone 2?

The Jawbone's noise cancellation system depends heavily on how it rests on the side of your head. So depending on it's fit, it may not work well.

There is a dedicated Bluetooth forum in Howardforums, should be a decent amount of Apple users there.

Honestly, you often have to take a blind leap with bluetooth headsets. The standard sucks, and it's hit or miss with some phones. Not all bluetooth radios are equal.

I've had good experiences with Jabra so far. But since I like having a caller ID display on my headset, it really limits my choices.

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I paired my Jawbone to both of my 1st Gen and 3G iphones...they work really well with each others...noise canceling is a great feature..crisp, and clear also.

But in my car, i have a BlueAnt Supertooth 3 speaker text to speech prompt...i love talks to you, pronouces the name of the caller (when you first doing the set up, it will add your address book) and you can accept the call or reject the call with voice. It's loud and clear, no echo, even with the music playing in the car too...battery lasts a long time also.
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Thanks I will look into those 2 and yes I was referring to Jawbone 2.
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I have used quite a few different bluetooth headsets but, the best resource I found to get an impartial view on them can be found at , they are constantly adding new headset reviews. 

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I have a Jawbone Prime, which you can sometimes find in the $20-$25 range. As Edwood was saying, fit is really important -- the little white vibration sensor must be touching your upper cheek or you're going to have people saying they can't hear you. That said, I live in Philly, and it can get super windy between buildings, and the Jawbone cuts the noise handily. My only real concern is the sound quality, which is pretty bad out of the little earpiece. The mic quality is great though, and people say it sounds like I'm on a landline.
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buy Sony ericsson MW600 like me.




u can attach your own earphones to has built in fm, can connect to laptop, ipodtouch and a phone at same time



has stereo music.



so u can watch a movie on laptop...and in between take a call from phone also.


battery life is also better than jawbone.



and i tried using them in train...other party could clearly hear my voice.



and as small as your little finger

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go for plantronics


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surprisingly the playstation 3 bluetooth set works very well, very clear.


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Another plug for the Era. Works really well with my Android, has downloadable voices and a pretty good range even through walls. Another point, I can be heard clearly while driving my Jeep with the top down.

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