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1/8'' vs. 1/4'' -- sound quality difference?

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Hello all,

Strange question. I am looking into buying a Little Dot MK I+ and was looking at some pics and I see that they have 1/8'' headphone outputs. Maybe it is just me but I prefer the 1/4'' plug output to my headphones. Just seems beefier and sturdier.

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Does anyone else have any impressions? Does this even matter or am I just being paranoid? Any difference in sound quality or anything? Power loss or less power being able to run through?

My ultimate goal is to get an amp that will connect my Playstation 1 to my AKG k701's for bedside listening at night. Any other recommendations are welcome of course.

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lol, I doubt if anyone can tell the difference between them. Biggest difference is portability.
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if youre using an adapter, i suppose it could be argued that the extra imperfect pressure connection could regrade quality

otherwise, imho, an unbalanced connection is an unbalanced connection
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Doesn't matter.
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Doesnt matter, but if you are using an adaptor it will degrade the signal (very very minimal)
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Only problem I can see (if you use a good adapter like the Grado one) is that mini jacks are easier to damage (according to what I overread Tyll saying on the Headroom sponsor board), the 1/4" ones are sturdier.

Still, a good adapter shouldn't make a negative difference. All the jacks in my system (inputs/outputs too) are minis.
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not to hijack this thread, but i thought this was related:

according to a previous poster, as long as the pressure between the mini-plug and the adapter is strong enough, it should be good enough to transfer the signal, right?

so, as long as this pressure exists, will the sound quality degrade for say.. .a 5 dollar adapter as compared to a more expensive 12 dollar adapter?
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The problem with 1/4" to 1/8" adapters is the stress they put on the 1/8" jack. That's why grado and senn adapters have cable in between, so the strain is reduced.
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Just to add some more information in case someone reads this...

I just tried some random 1/4 to 1/8 adapter (2dollar crap) I had lying around compared to some audio technica 12 dollar adapter. The 2 dollar crap made the sound really muddy, and it almost made think the headphones suck, until I returned the original adapter to its rightful place.

so... like crappy Made in China wires, these things cna make a difference.
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Thanks for the insight. Someone did read it.

It is true that connections make a noticeable difference then. Higher quality adapters would make a better sounding rig. But i would say, if you can avoid it, just use 1/4'' plug at all times and dont adapt to 1/8'' plug.

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If you mean interconnects by 'connections', then yes. They make a difference.

Anyway I would get myself a little adapter WITH A CABLE. You'll put a lot of stress on the little sockets with an adapter.
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