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SOLD Vintage Grado RS-1

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Selling my ultimate Grado pair of headphones. I have a moment of weakness...

Of all the Grado headphones I had, those are the sexiest and the most I liked sonically. See all the threads on Head-Fi to know the difference between those beauties and the newer RS-1. Those are sincerly the SEXIEST vintage Grado RS-1 you'll ever seen

Compared to HP serie and PS-1, those vintage RS-1 gave me everything I like about the Grado headphones without the downsides. The highs are wonderful and not too harsh, the midrange is very unique and mostly, the bass is there and tight, which HP serie lacked. I also miss the nice highs and delicious with the PS-1, that's why I always prefered the vintage RS-1. I also had a semi-vintage one, and tried some newer one, and the difference is really there.

They are in terrific condition except for one little scratch on the left cup as you can see barely on the pictures, and some slight mesh discoloration. Comes with wooden box, papers (with original bill !) and carton box. Flats are included.

Payment by Paypal, Money Order or Bank Transfer. Will ship only to USA and Canada for the moment (need insurance and tracking number). May ship worldwide with UPS and FedEx.

Only selling because I need the money for the future house in March 2009 (need money to buy it) and switching to speaker system.

In details:
- 1995 version with original bill and box
- Old dark brown box with best hinges
- Brown headband
- Gold lettering
- Special button with kinda zebra aspect (never seen this one on any other vintage RS-1)
- Black mesh with some discoloring
- Nice dark brown color

Here are the pictures:

Asking 1525$US SOLD shipped and paypaled for this (about what I paid for them, bought from Clony here on Head-Fi).

If you're thinking about buying PS-1 for more than this, or HP-1/2 for this price, I would take this pair right away if I was you, if you're searching for the best Grado sound.
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