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triple fi iems or headphones?

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Hi, i have an ALAC -> imod -> portable vcaps -> iqube -> triple fi iems portable rig. Ive noticed im hardly ever using this rig apart from when im sat at home on the PC. I've been thinking about getting some grado's because i dont really need iem's anymore, i was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how much difference a decent pair of grado's would make? Im thinking of 325i's and higher
Any advice would be great

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Anyone got any views on this, i was hoping to spend some more money before xmas
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I have both Triple.Fis are great for iPod portable profile during commuting.
And also at work i do use either my Ultrasone Pro 750s or the triple.Fis. At home just the Pro 750s.

but definately walking around the triple fis offers better isolation and really i dont want to get the pads dirtied on my big can.
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Thanks for the reply, but as far as critical listening in a quiet living room goes, is there a gulf of difference between IEM's ( ie triple fis/se530's) and headphones (ie grado RS1's/D5000's?)

Thanks Again
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In my experience, yes, the high-end IEMs that I've tried don't reproduce sound in all aspects as well as a good set of headphones. The IEMs I have now or used to have in the past few months are Etymotic ER4P, Klipsch X10, UE Triple.Fi 10, Westone UM2, Westone 3, and Sennheiser IE8. All of them have noticeable quirks that make them hard for me to fully enjoy, especially knowing that I've spent so much money on them. On the other hand, good headphones that I've had (actually most of the full-sized headphones that I've owned, including the SR-325i) don't usually have such quirks that really stand out. And the headphones cost LESS than the IEM. I actually think the $30 Koss KSC-35 I once had was more enjoyable than all of the IEMs above, but I can't confirm that since the KSC-35 cable broke after a few years and I can't listen to them.

If I wasn't concerned with portability, isolation, and headphone bands messing up my hair at work, I'd be looking at another headphone rather than messing around with IEMs.

Your experience may be different though, since your ears are different.
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Especially with the Triple Fis its sort of limited crispness on the treble high range not as high as the Pro 750s, even thou i think they are roughly the same price. Soundstage wise thats the major difference. Although Triple Fis does it extremely well. I havent listened to the Grado series, but from what i read they do tend to have poorer soundstage?
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Poor soundstage compared to other headphones.
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Headphones DESTROY IEMs at every similar price range tier. Of course, once you start getting higher up with the headphones, you want to get a better source and amp, but even then, unless you absolutely NEED portability and/or natural noise isolation, then sell most of your portable stuff and set up a decent home rig. It'll be impossible not be happy with it.
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Haha how does something that small = much more expensive.
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I was wondering that myself.
Selling my Triple Fi`s to get a headphone, because i figured out, that i listen mostly at home.
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Took the plunge last night, got some second hand grado rs1's arriving tommorrow. Il let you know how much of a difference there is Cattie
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Ok, thx mate.
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omG RS1. thats humm expensive right :P
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Got a pretty good deal on them, £300 including next day delivery, the sound is really really good. I wasnt a huge fan the first day and thought id made a mistake, but on the second day i got used to the sound and now i love them. Definate a worthy upgrade. Layla on the Eric Clapton Unplugged album is now on a whole other level thanks to these cans, never heard anything like it
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