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new elantec opamps

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I hope this is actually news, considering where I got it from. From all places, the Tom's Hardware Guide (I don't get it):

"The EL2227C and the EL2228C are designed to boost weak signals in apps like communications and medical imaging. The EL2227C has a voltage noise specification of 1.9nV/rt-Hz and a current noise specification of only 1.2pA/rt-Hz. It features a bandwidth of 115MHz and has a minimum gain of 2. The EL2228C is specified with a voltage noise of 4.9nV/rt-Hz, a current noise of 1.2pA/rt-Hz, 80MHz bandwidth and is suitable for applications with a minimum gain of 1. Both amplifiers get jiggy with supplies from +/-2.5V to +/-12V. Elantec says the amps can help out in applications such as ultrasound, where they can be used to amplify weak signals received from the image sensor (is it a boy or a girl?). In communications apps, such as DSL and optical networking, they can be used to amplify low voltage signals. The EL2227C and EL2228C are priced at $2.13 in 1,000-piece quantities. Both are available in the 8-pin SOIC and the 8-pin MSOP packages."

Unlike Elantec stuff some people here are using, prices of these chips make them available to us mere mortals that don't have the company's president as a family member, work in the factory or have recently won the lottery (or were wise enough to ca$h in their .com stock options before march 2000). I wonder if these opamps are any good. Noise numbers are excellent and so is the power supply range and bandwidth. How do they sound?
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Unlike Elantec stuff some people here are using, prices of these chips make them available to us mere mortals
Uh, if you think $10/ea for a 1A buffer is expensive, by all means use 4 BUF634s.

Apex, now... THAT's extreme.
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Hmmm, I was thinking about those exotic US$200 ea, "show-me-your-blue-blood-before-I-will-sell-it-to-you" components... Maybe I *was* thinking about Apex, not Elantec... My bad if that was the case .
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While i do not have any experence with the Elantec opamp types mentioned. I have used other Elantec opamps in many Consumer applications and Like the Buffers thay make that claim 1 amp max output but actualy put out 1.8 amps, (4 BUF-634's Put out 1.2 amps for a Claimed 1.0 amps) All the Elantec parts i have used Exceed their specs by a wide Margin. Also All Elantec Chips are fabercated using the best process available Dialectric Isolation. This Process is used in other Opamps ECT, like BB OPA-627 but called Di-FET by Burr brown. Normaly this Process is Costly as by the Prices of others like The OPA-627, OPA-2607, OPA-602. I do not use Elantec opamps in my Headphone amps since thay all are BJT input with High input Bias Currents and as sutch the DC offset will change with the Posistion of the Vol. Control. But in other Audio Applications that these are applicable fore thay sound Great. i used them as replacements for Normal BJT input OPA's, With great improvements in both Performance and sound quality. So i would have no Problem Recomending Them. As far as price is a question on Buffers The EL-2008CT is a bargin at $10.00 Each The only other Buffer with that Kind of output Current is from Apex (WB-05) 1 amp at $300.00 Each.
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