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Westone ES3 vs. Ultimate Ears UE-10 pro

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Hey, i have head many good thing about the universal westone 3 here in the last few days, and wanted to know:

- 1 - Which IEM will have more accurate sound [in terms of the origin, without colouration (UE-10/ES3)]?

- 2 - Which IEM will have more depth / larger soundstage?

- 3 - Which IEM will be more cohesive and balanced? [if the ES3 have highs drive, mids drive and bass drive, does it mean it have 3 crossovers?]

- 4 - Which IEM will have more details?

- 5 - Which IEM will be better for Classical music?

- 6 - Which IEM will have less "cable noise" [dont remember the word]?

- 7 - and the rest: tonality, sub-bass, mid-bass, midrange, High-frequencies, Attack, Decay, Inner resoulution, Soundscape width front, Soundscape width rear, Soundscape depth behind speakers, Soundscape extension into the room, Imaging, Fit and Finish, Self Noise.
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I have no idea as I've never gone that high in the IEM ladder, but just wanted to correct that the Westone universal you are talking about is not the ES3.
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i am not talking about the westone 3, i am talking about the custom ES3 with the same 3 drivers.
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ES3 is not meant for music listening. It has emphasized mids to bring out vocals and guitars for performers. ES3 is not a custom version of the universal Westone 3.
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ES3 does not have the 3-Way driver like the Westone 3. It has the Triple Driver - dual bass, and high driver I think.
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As said before, ES3 has nothing to do with Westone 3 - its a variant of ES2 designed for stage listening, with bumped midrange. It's been around for a long while now unlike the 3.
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But to answer your question. The ue-10 pro would be the best and most accurate out of the 2 for music.
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Geez fellas, at least get your facts straight.

The ES3 does have a 3-way crossover. It has a midrange driver, bass driver, and treble driver. However, the point of the extra midrange driver is to exaggerate the midrange. This IEM is not meant for listening, and it's meant for performers whose instrument is primarily in the midrange - vocalists and guitarists - to use while performing on stage. It is said to be blisteringly detailed, even more so than the UE10 Pro, but not tonally balanced enough for listening.

What you're thinking of is the ES2. I don't have the UE10 Pro, but people that have compared both generally feel that the two earphones are different in presentation but on par in terms of overall quality. The UE10 Pro is more detailed, while the ES2 is fuller and has a better midrange. The UE11 supposedly takes the musical midrange of the ES2 and combines it with the accuracy of the UE10 Pro, and some nice kicking bass as well. But, I only have the ES2 out of the bunch, so I can't do comparisons.

I would honestly go for the UE11, if I had to make the choice all over again today, and especially if I had UE10-level money to play around with.
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also a 3 way crossover only has 2 crossovers; at the crossover points. so in between the low and mid and in between the mid and highs
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