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Isolation is Great....ish

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I have the Shure SE530s and i love them. I have them in and listen to them for the most part of the day, the only problem is that i also like having conversations with people. My solution initially was to only have one ear in, but that made the music sound much worse than with them both in. Next I tried lip reading, and this is what im doing currently. Im not bad at it but its just so difficult to have a real conversation. I just went to the audiologist and had custom molds made to get UM56's, i should have them in a week. But when i get them the isolation will be insane... almost too insane.

Anyway, my point is that i saw the Shure PTH device when i was getting my earbuds but i heard that it was gimmicky and heavy, but now i feel like i need it. Is there a better device like this from another company or is the Shure's PTH actually good?
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I don't know what kind of tips you use, but actually I find the isolation of the UM56 is less than with Complys. The isolation is still pretty good though, so you might want to check out the PTH anyway. I dont own one myself but from what I've heard, it does the job.
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You will be surprise to learn that custom eartips often doesn't as isolating as foam tips. They are generally rated around -26dB, less than > -30dB when SE530 on foam.
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I Have custom acrylic IEM's and the Isolation is close when compared to universals (SPF5 Pro with comply foams). It's a matter if taste. The foams seem more isolating from outside sounds but they also soften the bass and attenuate the sound from the tip of the ear tube a little too much for me personally,
As far at the PTH I have been using one with my baby small portable rig.

Although it hangs down alot and seems pretty big, you get used to it and works well. A little pricey 60 USD) but I can't find another option. I was hoping that the micro amp builders like Fiio, or Headroom, or even the new NuForce mobile. would build one into thier next model, but I guess that there's issues with interference.
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PTH does a good job at what it is advertised to do: temporarily reduce the music to a very quiet level and allow you to hear someone talking to you. The fidelity is nothing to get excited about, but with conversations I don't think that matters that much. I've used my PTH on airplanes when needing to talk to flight attendants and the like. I can hear them easily.
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