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Westone lll, Universal IEMs...

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First I would like to say that my comments in this post is that of my own findings & is not intended to be looked at as promoting a product for profitability. I have mentioned before that I have only met the guys from Westone in one of the Colorado meets & seen Doug once in a National meet.
They don't promote my product either, so I am only posting this short review as a head-fier who is thrilled with a product he or she owns.

Please do not turn around and make this an ugly thread just because I had a word or two to say about a product.

Now I do have many custom IEM's from both the Westone & the Ultimate Ears, ES2. UE10 & UE11, Which I enjoy every minute of listening through these expensive monitors. They are the cream of the crop. But to have a universal IEM that can prove to be almost as good & so enjoyable with fraction of cost of the custom, would be hard to believe. Name it I got it, talking about Universal IEM’s, and I was happy to find out how they all sound, some great sounding & some ok, but to find one that can go beyond the universal IEM's limits in sound reproduction & sound so good was hard to imagine.

I believe in burn-in, please don't jump on me on that one, I have had my Westone III for about 10 days now. I never wanted to comment on the sound of any audio components unless I have easy 100-200 hours of burn-in on it. So the time to listen to these little monitors was on hand as I took some time away from my busy schedule to relax & listen to these tiny little phones. My source was Meridian 508, 24 bit CD player.

I reached for Bella SunOS CD that has plenty of the shaking sub bass & great recording electronic instruments. I was truly left with one thought on my mind, what the heck I am listening to?
These tiny monitors presented the sub bass in tight clear defined control that only comes from monitors that are three times more expensive. The mid was smooth & had great presence; the highs were extended & sweet. Listening to Dian Krell, a Girl in the other room was like you are listening to new song for the first time. Carla Bruni's CD, puts you in a trance as you can hear her sexy voice coming out so delecate & smooth with her breath touching your senses, I can swear that they have used Newman mike to record her voice in the recording Studio As I used to own one in mine & was very familiar with the tonal characteristics of this microphone.

In summery I would like to say, if you dream of that expensive custom IEM but can not afford one, you won't miss much once you own one of the Westone IIIs.

I have no affiliation with Westone neither do I look for freebies, I thank God that I can afford any thing my heart desires by paying for it.

Ray Samuels
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gotta ask..what tips were you using?
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Thank you for your thoughts on the Westone 3 Ray, could you please describe what they sound to you with other types of music, eg Classical?
I'm asking for you opinion because you're using a High-End source.
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You know Ray, we all know you are not at all affiliated with Westone and don't get any freebies or anything, its just that you are so enthusiastic when you find a new product you like, people think there must be another reason for it! Great little writeup, Im really on the fence about getting these, but having triple fi's and UE11's makes it tough to justify the purchase.
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Ray, was wondering if you could comment on synergy of the W3 with any of your amps?
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This post sways my budget
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just the assurance i was looking for to consider a purchase, i contacted ray some time ago enquiring about one of his amps for my se530 but since sat on the fence about getting an amp due to money problems and in all honesty investing in my car instead.

christmas is nearly upon us and i was praying these IEM's were going to be a step above any other universal out there. hype hasnt been all that much around here, yeh the odd appreciation thread and so on but not the wowwwwwww i was looking for.

when somebody with experience like ray samuals says these IEM's are something else, out of this world and so on...you have to pounce.
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Folks, we've just had to clean up after a couple of folks who apparently had an axe to grind wrt the OP. Let's all remember to be civil, and leave your axes at the door...thanks.
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Awesome ray I cannot wait to hear my pair
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thanks for the comment on w3, i cant wait for mine to have at least 100 hours on it too
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can you pleasse comment about the sibilance and the "thin sounding"?
very noticable on sound of cymbals
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Hi Ray, thanks for the review. Your comments will help some people that are considering getting the Westone's; not my case though
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Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance View Post
Ray, was wondering if you could comment on synergy of the W3 with any of your amps?
amen brother...me too
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Westone 3...

Originally Posted by kbuzz View Post
amen brother...me too
I can't comment on that question becuase this is not my thread that I can feel free to do so. I can answer your question if it was posted in the P-51 manufacturer's sponsored thread.
As to the music I listened to using the Westone 3, I would say Jazz, Female vocals, acoustical instruments & simphony. I do not listen to rock, country & rap, Sorry.
Ray samuels
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