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Do you go to restaurants and movies by yourself? (Not just for loners.) - Page 3

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I do dinner and movies by myself all the time. Not a big deal, I just go do what I want. I've never felt like I was judged by a server or anyone else. One of my pleasures is lingering over the paper while eating at a local cafe.

I go out with friends and family, too, and would take a girlfriend or wife along if I had one. But being by yourself should never stop you from doing what you want.
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I cut up and laugh with all the other patrons and servers.
Just cause you go somewhere alone don't mean your alone when you get there, not that I'm knocking being alone, I really enjoy it a lot.
Happy either way really.
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Originally Posted by RockCity View Post
I'm surprised by the responses from people around me telling me that they would never go eat a meal or see a movie by themselves. I actually prefer going stag because I don't have to wait for other people, followed by the "where you want to go" discussion and the arithmetics for splitting the tab. I'm not talking about going into walk-in diners or catching a movie at an unfriendly hour. Would you go to a family restaurant or a movie on a Friday by yourself?
I eat out about five times a week. Generally always by myself. It's reading/resting time for me.

Also, I generally always attend movies alone. I enjoy the film much more without distraction (well, last weekend I went with a friend but only cause we were waiting with bated breath for the Houston opening of Let the Right One in.

(check the link to that movie, BTW; not to be missed)
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I always eat lunch alone. It helps me refocus and relax. My staff appreciates that I'm relaxed as well.

When my wife is out of town I usually eat alone no matter what time of day. I've gone to movies alone but not in a while (since the advent of videotape).
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I always go to restaurants alone and I do prefer going to the movies by myself... I think I can concentrate better on the film itself without the "interference" of anyone else.
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I go to the cafeteria by myself at my college quite often, but when it comes to going out and spending money at a restaurant or at a movie, I never go by myself.
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I rather like doing both movies and restaurant meals alone. There are times that I really don't care to be with other people and would just rather enjoy it alone.
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I sure do!
Eating out, on restaurant and such is actually nice on my own. Cinemas on the other hand I do prefer company, even if I do it on my own once in a while as well.
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Yes, I enjoy being alone. Quiet and calm. Alone does not equal lonely. I also like to travel and go sightseeing etcetera by myself.
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Dont have a problem eating lunch somewhere by myself, but dinner at a sit down restaurant is definitely something i only do with someone. I never go see movies by myself either. Just not in my nature.
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I go to the movies and dine out alone quite often and have no problems doing so. Going out with friends and relatives is great, but there are times when I just want to do things alone and have free time to myself. Also I can't always wait for others to have the time or be in the mood to do something when I'm in the mood.
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I have to recommend solo vacations, too. A few weeks ago, I just got in the car and went. Visited friends the first few days, then went off on my own. I like photography, so no one gets irritated when I pull over to shoot or linger somewhere.
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Coffee alone sure. Dinner definitely not, and absolutely no way would I go to see a movie alone, I see it as a social thing, even though its actually a highly antisocial activity.
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A lot of this boils down to your personality. Are you a driver's seat personality or passanger seat personality?

IMO, people who have that passenger seat personality dislike being out alone and enjoy having other people make decisions for them in many cases. There is nothing really wrong with this though. For me, I love being alone.

I always eat out alone and not only is it OK, I see others doing it too. When I was vacationing in Paris, I saw quite a few people eating alone and it was perfectly fine! You could read a book or newspaper or sit outside and people watch by yourself. There is no pressure and everything is relaxed.

I was in China town recently, and I saw people sitting alone eating noodles. It was nice. Sometimes I would stare at them and stick my tongue at them. Ok just kidding about that part.
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Had sushi for lunch today.

Took my time.

Read a paper ...

Had a beer.

Nearly 1.5 hours ...

All by my lonesome self!

And I loved it!

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