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Do you go to restaurants and movies by yourself? (Not just for loners.) - Page 2

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Wow, suntory. Wow.
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I used to have problems with dining alone (other than a diner), but on a three week trip a number of years ago, I soon decided that diner/fast food just wasn't going to cut it. I wanted some real food. So I just made myself do it, and it turned out to be not that big a deal. Sometimes I'd bring a newspaper or book.

This really came in handy when I used to work a field service job. I would often wind up at the end of the day on the North side of Chicago, with at least a two hour drive home. I soon discovered I could have a nice meal at a good restaurant and get home about the same time I would have anyway. And at 5:00, you can get a table in pretty much any restaurant with no waiting. I had a lot of good meals that way.

Never been to a movie alone. Not a big movie goer, anyway.
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I've been doing things (meals, movies, trips, hikes, life) alone off-and-on since I was in my early twenties, and I'm 58 now. These days my daughter and son-in-law keep me company separately or together much of the time. Otherwise I might be quite the recluse.

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The answer to the question is no on both accounts, however, sometimes you just need to eat and eating at home isnt always availible.
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Yes, had food alone, at a restaurant. Did this a lot during summer because I was always hitting the gym after lunch.

Never been to a movie alone. I would persuade endlessly for someone to go with me. It's just not the same watching it alone, you know? There's no one to banter about it with later.

I'd go to an orchestra alone, but I haven't. I enjoy the company eventhough he nose whistles
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I have a field engineer job, so most of the time I work from home, and the rest of the time I'm traveling. While at home, I'll go around the corner to a restaurant for lunch, sometimes sit at a table, sometimes at the bar. Doesn't really bother me. When traveling, sometimes its just a necessity - I have some gov't accounts, and they can't accept gifts. That includes lunch/dinner. So I'll go out by myself for dinner, and since its the company dime, I go to whatever nice place is around

I've gone to movies alone, but only matinees during the week, although I've gone to a couple of opening shows (last time I did that was Serenity I believe).
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Everything I do, restaurants, movies, Alabama football games, I do with my wife of 33 years.


PS- I'm still in mourning
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I usually go to restaurants by myself, even for dinner. I hardly ever go see movies, but when I do it's usually with someone. Not because I want to, but because I'm not willing to actually go to the movies unless someone else is paying.

I usually go to Six Flags alone. Not a whole lot of hard core riders in my family...
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I've gone to the movies by myself alone a lot in the past, and I'm starting to do it again. If I go to dinner by myself I usually sit at the bar. I haven't had dinner out alone in a while though. My Psychology of Motivation and Emotion professor says she loves to go out and eat by herself. She likes to people watch. She is so cool I'm actually surprised people aren't always trying to take her out to dinner.

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I used to go to small restaurants by myself, but then I realized it only made me lonelier.
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Although I haven't in a while, I have often and would go to the movies by myself. As far as dining alone, I limit that to fast food joints or cafeterias. I just don't feel comfortable for some reason eating someplace with wait service, except for maybe a diner.
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I've gone to many movies on my own, though I usually attend with others. I can't say I like one option more than the other. If I could only choose one option for my entire life I would most definitely choose to see it with friends. However breaking the pattern and seeing a movie alone from time to time is a welcome reprieve from normalcy.

Same goes for eating alone. I don't mind eating alone, though I would hesitate to eat somewhere when it's particularly busy, as I feel like I'm a burden to the wait staff and other patrons waiting for their tables.
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Sometimes I find it hard to coordinate schedules and end up eating or watching movies by myself. I don't see anything wrong with it.
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Lunch, Dinners - I'm used to eat alone, it's no big deal. Sometimes I like it since I can splurge on what I want and not worry about other's opinion (Sushi times )

Movies - used to, especially when I was a broke student in sydney, it's easier to do movie marathon , I don't go to movies these days though, blockbuster unlimited plan + good HT setup at home beats movies anyday and I don't mind waiting 3-4 months for that movie to come out in DVD.

Shopping - I like doing shopping by myself since I'm picky and will see everything first before coming back and buy the things I want. By being alone, I don't feel guilty getting the others to walk me all the way back buying things I want.

Being alone is nice sometimes but having someone to share is better. For now, I just enjoy my loneliness
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