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Shure amp: HELP!!

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I have the shure se530s and im getting an amp, i know it wont do much but i am getting an amp. But after all of my research on these boards, i still cant find a definite amp. Im leaning towards the D3 but the 3MOVE is still an option. It needs to have a DAC for my macbook and be under $400. Can anybody give me an opinion on these 2 or give me a better option for my requirements?
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out of the 2 you gave I would recommend the d3 I used to use a d2 and it worked great for my 530's but idk about the move since I never used one personally.
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Woo, iBasso
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the D3 would be great for you; also if you can stretch to get a used pico you wont be disappointed. oh and BTW the SE530 actually DO improve notably by using a decent amp; anyone who says any different is either full of crap and hasnt even tried it; or...... is full of crap and hasnt even tried it. the bass tighens up, the highs become more evident and the soundstage opens up just a tad. definitely worth doing IMO
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im about 90% ready to buy the d3 (pico w/ DAC will be way more than d3 no matter what) but i just need a few more recommendations.
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