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Originally Posted by catscratch View Post
I don't like to list rigs in signatures since it's mostly showing off. Though I could do it if it's actually helpful to people.
I think a short signature is actually helpful.
Allow you to quickly see which gear the person own, if he/she ask for guidance.
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Reminder bump.
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Even if you're new to forum, a profile is very helpful if you're asking for help.
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^ agreed, lets get the profiles filled out. Just a consensus, wondering if people think it would be usefull to also include all the equipement you have owned/used enough to form a reasonable opinion etc.
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Good call, just did mine (finally).
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I just felt I had to make clear that not all of what's listed in my sig. is true. My running shoes are actually grey and blue.

I think my profile is sort of OK, though.
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...and don't forget to show pics...LOTS of pics.
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I will settle for filling ou the profile, besides the gear the location is valuable information.
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Reminder bump. Profiles are friendly and helpful!
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Agreed. Being able to read up on other people's gear allows me to investigate new (to me) items and expand my knowledge. I consider it an important reference.

I don't care to really list gear in a sig but I list my favorites and/or current portable rig. Seems there are way more portables out there today than ever before and maybe, just maybe, someone will find that information useful. The rest is where it should be ... in my profile.
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If everybody had their profile up to date, the world'd be a better place.
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Yes, it is an extremely invaluable tool, allowed me to ask many people questions about gear based off setups I wanted to emulate.
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I shall add this thread to my sig methinks.
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In addition to the profile, fill out an accurate (or mildly accurate) location for yourself.

If you're looking to try before you buy, a location will help others direct you to the nearest meet or get you in touch with a nearby member.

Also, meet organizers search the records so they can PM members who might like to attend.
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