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I'm looking for a good pair of IEMs but the biggest problem for me is actually finding them available in my country. Of course, I could always buy them online, but I try to avoid that for personal reasons.

So my search for a good set of phones has given me two IEMs of the same brand, the SCL2 and SE110, by SHURE.

I've been reading reviews for both of them, and they both seem pretty damn good, but I can't decide which one I should get!

So far, I've discovered the following:

-Dynamic Drivers
-Created for professional use
-Pretty old model, actually

-Single Armature Drivers
-Created for consumer use
-Comes with more accessories

I usually listen to techno/electronica, but my player (Sansa Clip) is bundled with a little bit of every music genre. I also usually listen to my player while commuting, so I have to deal with a very noise-filled environment.

Also, a bit of a fun tidbit... I greatly considered the Sennheiser CX300s, but was disappointed that these are actually more expensive in my country than the two IEMs mentioned above!
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I personally have used both, the SCL2 are just a rebranded E2c's. I found the SE110 a lot more open, the e2c's sounded like noise out of a tiny tube. The cables on the E2c's seemed a lot more robust, however that's where they broke going around my ears. They were not flexible enough. I vote for the SE110s, plus you don't have to buy any wax filters.
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Having owned the E2c, SE110, and now SCL2.

SCL2 is the pro branded E2c's. The box even looks identical except for the updated literature and branding.

I really, really like the way the E2's sound. It's a personal thing I guess.

Over the last week I went through a bunch of noise cancelling headphones (crap) and the Klipsch Custom 2 and Shure SE310's too, but none of them could satisfy my craving for the old E2's sound.

Ended up buying a pair of SCL2 this afternoon

And.. wax filters.. just clean your ears once a day , or every other day with Q-Tips. I never had to replace the wax filters on my old E2c's.

Long story short, the Klipsch, SE310's and SE110's sound somewhat lifeless. Maybe it's the difference in drivers.. dynamic vs balanced armature.
And the way the E2/SCL2's sound like the sound is in your head.. and you are IN the music, and more full of emotion. Kinda makes you wanna break out in song and dance.
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I have a Sansa Clip and with the SE110's the sound is rather anemic but clean and quite clear. If you like a nice bassline, opt for a dynamic driver IEM to go with the Clip. Shure SE102 is a much better choice, and around the same price.
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I just sent my E2Cs back to Shure as the cable had cracked. On my RAN it says they will be exchanging for SE110 and I'm not sure whether this is a good thing. I know financially I am better off as I paid £30 for my E2C about 18 months ago and I see the SE110 are now selling for £50-£60. Reading back I realise the E2C are dynamic drivers and the SE110 is a balanced armature driver. Is there another better, similarly specced model I should try to push for? Also, will I probably be recieving a sealed retail unit because then I could just sell them as new on eBay or will I probably get a refurb?
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I had the SE110. It was pure crap. I brought it back to Best Buy within 20 minutes of purchasing it. It made such a negative impression I thought I'd never buy another Shure product again. Sorry to deliver such dismal feedback. Even as we speak, Shure has dropped the price of the SE110 to $79 USD (though they say it's promotional). The next item up is the SE210, which Shure sells for $179. You can get much better deals online.
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The 210's combined with an impedance adapter and FiiO E5 are pretty impressive if you enjoy the basslite headphones. The amp really opens up the high end.
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I am going to join with the people who did not like the SE110. I bought mine to replace a set of E2c that I used with joy for two years. I used the SE110 for 6 months and tried to like them, but they paled in comparison. I ditched them for the SCL3. That's actually what brought me to head-fi. Not trying to dump on the members who liked the SE110, but they were my most disappointing headphone purchase by far. I say go with the SCL2.
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i prefer the lows of the SCl2, and the highs and mids of the Se110. But the true winner is the Se115 among them, why not the Se115? they are basically a SCL2 which has a more powerful lows presence and a slightly more detailed midrange.
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The SE210's were my least IEMS of all the ones I have owned. They were all mids with terribly rolled off treble and anemic bass.
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id say if you ask them they would send you a pair of SE102's which is the E2c just renamed

Shure - SE Products - SE102 Sound Isolating Earphones
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I think I'll sell my SE110s when they arrive then. I have my recently purchased Westone 3 and ADDIEMS to keep me happy anyway.
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Originally Posted by Scott_Tarlow View Post
The 210's combined with an impedance adapter and FiiO E5 are pretty impressive if you enjoy the basslite headphones. The amp really opens up the high end.
I owned these for about 2 months and found the mid/highs only slightly better, but absolutely NO bass. Try the SE310s, much better and significantly more bass.
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Recognizing that the original post is pretty old, I can say that the SE-115 is a major, major improvement over the SE-110 and I have been extremely satisfied with this phone as my secondar pair (which I've actually started to listen to more often) (my primary pair are Klipsch Image X10).
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I just want to know your opinion,

SCL2, or SE115CL ?

SCL2 is a little cheaper, but I don't know, is the SE115CL better?

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