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IEM auditioning in Hong Kong?

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Does anyone know a place where I can audition a range of IEMs?
Was thinking things like the high-end range, since I really am curious about the difference between my ATH-CK9s and let's say...SE530/TF10/IE8/UM3?
I can't really afford expensive IEMs, but if the difference is night/day then I may consider scraping together just enough to splurge on one of the models above!
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check www.mingo-hmw.net or 香港金è²è€³ç*’專門店-世界å牌耳ç*’耳機直銷 Westone, UE, Etymotic, Jays, Shure, AKG, Sennheiser,Audio-Technica

I get kind of scared when I go there because I'm just a little kid and everyone else is older than me so I don't really like to touch some of that higher end stuff.
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That and people won't treat me serious because the chances of me buying one of the higher end phones is pretty slim.
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Visit Mingo's in Mong Kok, they should have a fair amount of phones to audition.
Never heard about headphonehk.com, and they only seem to list prices for the lower end models..

@dopeboyfresh: Don't be afraid of auditioning expensive phones, they're there for auditioning.. and as long as you treat the phones alright, nobody should be able to complain.
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Yep, those 2 are pretty much the 2 places where you can audition iems and even headphones. Mingo's collection is the most complete (thx lordnikon)
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Kingsound Audio in Mongkok (headphonehk.com) is really good. Thats where I bought my SF5pros.
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Originally Posted by nsx_23 View Post
Kingsound Audio in Mongkok (headphonehk.com) is really good. Thats where I bought my SF5pros.
They sell authorized stuff together with grey market stuff, but it doesn't really matter if you don't live in Hong Kong.
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I've been to both places and they are not too far away from each other so when you're at one you might as well go to the other. Mingo seems to have some pretty slick deals on Yuin.
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lol seems like always the same people gather when it comes to audio in HK..
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Mingo-HMW is the best place for me that I live in H.K.

First, the major difference between Mingo and the other earphone shop is you can bring your devices and have the try on different earphones in Mingo HMW. It is excellent that you know whether this earphone is suits for you or not.

Second, Mingo HMW's serivce is quite good, they often not to sell grey products. Even you have some problems, they can follow for you rather than other shops. If you want to try on Shure's official products, Mingo HMW should be a nice place for you.

Third, Mingo HMW won't push you to buy the products. If you not to buy,they will say "Goodbye" to you and then welcome you back to listen. It is important that some shops after you walked in, always asking and pushing you to buy some products from them. And one shop say Shure SE530 is the worst product and they won't sell it. They will push you to buy Westone or UE etc brands. The real picture is that shop couldn't get Shure's earphones from H.K. dealer.

Last, Mingo HMW's price has been shown into their website. You can have a mind about the price.

Hope that helps.
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Definitely... I was in HK two years ago and I was pretty young. I was looking to buy the PK1s then and even though I was a teenager they treated me respectfully and allowed me to audition everything. Great service Wasn't able to buy the PK1s off them, but bought other stuff. Definitely recommend a visit to Mingo's.
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Hmm, I had pretty good service from headphonehk.com (I auditioned amps and headphones for like 4 hrs before buying anything), but this year I'll probably go to mingo because its a bit closer to where I'll be staying, and that many people have recommended mingo.

Does Mingo have the Senn IE8, UM3, TF10 and SE530 for auditioning? These are the 4 that I'm choosing from, and I'll get custom tips with whichever one I'll be buying. IIRC, Mingo does the custom tips for about $300HKD, but the turnaround time will be tight as I'm only in HK for 2 weeks, and the manufacturing time for those tips is about 2 weeks..............Guess where and what I'll be doing as soon as I get off the plane

I'll also be buying a tube amp, so mingo better not mind having me around the store for a long time before buying something!

headphonehk didn't have an SE530 for sampling when I went there, which sucked, but I got to audition ER4, SF5pro, TF10, UM2 and UM1. Also got to sample many of their amps and headphones as well (e.g. MS1), so I guess it was good compensation.
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you can go to this little shop in 298.. its on the second floor to the left of the escalator.... her shop is quite small, but the sales lady is quite friendly and helpful and willing to let you try everything. but the shop is pretty small
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You mean the shop in wanchai (cheaper) computer shopping centre? Right in front of 188? Do they let you audition as well? Hm never knew that. Bought a fiio e3 from her though

Oh btw, mingo also has a shop in the Wanchai computer city, 2nd floor. Never been there and I think the collection isn't as complete, but it'd be more convenient for HK islanders.
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