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How to break-in my Shures?

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I just bought a pair of Shure SCL2s today. but i heard that you have to break them in before they start sounding good. how can i do this?

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Just wear them as normal and the cables will break in no time.
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is it that cables need breaking in? i thought armatures dont need breaking in
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I mean the IEM itself that needs breaking in, right?
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balanced armatures do not break in but in this rare case it is dynamic which is different
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Sometimes both, but most of the time it's the drivers.
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Just play the music you like, and put the volume a little above your regular listening volume.
Yes, the Shure SCL2's have dynamic drivers for those who thought otherwise.
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ok i read online somewhere to just leave them on overnight playing for 10-12 hours.
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It's actually your ears that need breaking in (getting used to the sound). A few days or about 10 hours should do.
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