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So how did all of you get started on the high end music player/IEM/amp trail? - Page 2

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Because stock headphones tend to suck
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Originally Posted by vespadaddy View Post
I won't need to buy anything else for a while.
That's what they all say

Good luck with your upcoming amp purchase, your new iPod to store all that lossless music, your LOD, your iMod, your more expensive amp purchase, your full size cans, your DAC....
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I started 5 years ago when I picked up a pair of sony ex51's to pair up with my iriver h120. I didn't think much about it cept the sound quality was much improved over any stock earbuds I'd ever had up to that point. This was well before my first head-fi visit. in 2005 I picked up a pair of ksc75's from radioshack for $10 and searched for reviews of them and stumbled upon head-fi...my wallet hasn't been the same ever since..

I have since introduced a few friends/family to better gear. Gave away my marshmallows, sold my hd555 to a friend who got hooked to their sound when he first tried them, lent out my d1000's and pl30's. A few peoples wallets have already started to hate me lol.
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Well, I've always been interested in headphones ever since I was young. I had a good pair of Koss earbuds I remember that really got me started into wanting to look at other headphones. However, since I wear glasses, I've always hated full-size headphones, and most of the earbuds and clip-ons, etc. always sounded like junk.

Well, I'm not exactly sure when or how, but this year I'd been getting fed up with all the noise in the office where I work (About two or three times a week there's many hours during the day where there's something being ground, pounded, or whacked). As a software developer, I find it hard to concentrate with all that noise around me.

So, I figure, "Alright, let's see what I can come up with to cut out this noise."

I search around, and I think I remembered that Etymotic made earplugs. However, I also wanted to still listen to music. I also noticed they had a headphone section. So I started looking through those.

I'd always liked heavy bass. I like it to hit hard, hit loud, hit fast, hit clean. I started looking around elsewhere than Etymotic (They certainly aren't a basshead's company). I stumbled on the Ultimate Ears website (Kinda' hard not to), read a bunch of reviews on the Super.fi 5 EB, and bought them for about $150.

I thoroughly enjoyed (and still enjoy) my Super.fi 5 EB, but I knew there was better out there. I kept looking around in my spare time. I had always frequented Hydrogen Audio, and I was looking around there when...

I stumbled on Head-Fi.org.

Soon enough after I joined Head-Fi, the half-off Klipsch sale happened in November. Impulse buy, Klipsch Image X10. BAM. Amazing improvement that made me pretty much turn off my EQ because the music sounded so right as it was. Until that point I had always been a heavy EQ tweaker, and I have to admit I'm pretty freakin' good at getting great sound out of poor equipment.

At this point I realized I wished I'd bought the Future Sonics Atrio M5 instead of the Super.fi 5 EB. I hadn't known about the Atrio when I bought the 5 EB, so I figured, "I'll get it someday I'm sure."

So, la-di-da, end of November approaches, and we creep into the beginning of December. I'm jamming out with my Image X10, nothing wrong with the world.

HOLY MOTHER OF TROY!!! December 2nd, Future Sonics has a 24 hour buy one get one free sale on the Atrios. I couldn't click fast enough. Clickety-click-a-ty-got-ta-remem-ber-tha-t-2-d-ay-shippi-ng!

Here I am today, now, listening to Eric Johnson - Desert Rose with the Atrio M5.

My wallet is over $500 lighter.

True regrets?

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It started with an iTouch that I got for Christmas when they first came out. I had all stock stuff and had no intentions of getting high quality equipment.

I played a lot of video games, and because I was going to MLG for Halo 3, I wanted to get some headphones.

Looked around, saw the Sennheiser 555's had a good headstage and were good music headphones (had no idea how good they were) and got them.

I was blown away by the sound and then found this site. I bought a LOD for my iTouch (had a mixamp for xbox) and I ordered a iBasso T4 about a week ago.

Now I'm thinking about getting some UE 5 for Christmas.
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