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DAC for laptop.

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I recently purchased a HP laptop, and I'm looking into getting a usb DAC for my headphones and to hook up to an amplifier.

the laptop is a dv5t and the headphones I have are Beyerdynamic 770 pros of the 8ohm variety.

the amp I'm looking into is this Amazon.com: AudioSource AMP-100 2-Channel Bridgeable Stereo Power Amplifier: Audiosource: Electronics so it would be cool if the DAC had rca outputs.
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If you want just a DAC, I can speak well of the Turtle Beach Micro - I have one and have used it with both a PC and a Mac. It doesn't have any detectable hiss, and is VERY small (the size of a USB key). It's capable of delivering loud volume levels (on my Mac I rarely turn the volume past 1/4), but I can't compare it to an amp as I don't have one.

It also has optical out, so if you find an amp with optical in, you'll have an all-digital path from the PC to the amp.

It's also dirt cheap ($30)!
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Think about the BantamDAC...
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Go-Vibe USB DAC.
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hotaudio.com or perhaps an alien dac.
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How about the iBasso D3. I is both a USB DAC and a headphone amp. As a bonus you can use the DAC's output to feed an external amplifier if you so wish.

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