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Yeah you can run with the 780, I just took it back to the dealer and I was about to trade it, when he took out the original to look and make sure.. The cover on the original was loose~! He was very surprised and told me to just use it and when it broke completely to take it back and they would give me a new one So that's good enough for me
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yongenhui --
I was doing the same thing as you -- looking around for a pcdp. I decided on the 780. Thus far, I like it very much. It has incredible battery life (I know that that means some degredation of sound quality, but it is pretty convenient). I also find that it puts out some pretty decent sound. Much better than an old aiwa pcdp that I had. Granted, I don't have any of my good stuff here to test it with, but for normal listening, it is pretty good. The anti-skip is very good as well...I have literally shaken it up and down, and it never skipped a beat. Overall, I am sure you can get better sound out of older players (as I have some that sound better), but the 780 is pretty hard to beat for convenience: it is very thin and light, it has great battery life and anti-skip, and the sound is not that bad. It was far cheaper than the sony models of the same level as well. Good all around IMO.

edit: I have found it to be reasonably sturdy as well. I have dropped it several times and so far so good. I can see a little problem about the cover though...the hinge is not that great, but once it is closed it seems to be pretty good.
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goodie thanks!
i saw it at a shop yesterday and it looks cool
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I've got a 5 year old Kenwood DPC-661. I'm thinking about an upgrade, primarily because battery life totaly sucks. 2 1/2 CD's on a set of AA's.

Anyway, it actually sounds pretty good, IMO, and drives my HD600's to ear bleeding volume quite cleanly. 10 second anti-skip is supposed to be compressionless, and high power amp.

The bass is full without using boost. mid's are clean and highs only slightly rolled.

No jogging, but works well for long walks in the morning. Sometimes I'll use my TA, but most of the time, I don't think it needs it. The TA really helps the output of my HP N5270, and my DSP360 that I use for B5 and Farscape.

The little Kenwood sounds pretty good just by itself.

Maybe I'll just keep it for now. Line out sounds like a good idea, but semi-retirement makes me think before I buy.

Oh yeah. Batteries at Sam's or Costco are pretty cheap.
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I want to buy V6's, but I want an MD player too .... bad dilemna
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Comments on my setup in progress: Panasonic mj80 MD, phones?

I'm looking at buying the Panasonic MJ80 MD from Micmic (awesome price [online retailer]). Firstly, does anyone have anything to say about the quality of this unit?
Now, most of my music is 128k MP3 (Morpheus can't go higher than 128) transfered optically to md via my home deck (hence I'm in the market for a player only). Will Etys show up the inferiority of the recordings?

Would this be good combination of unit/phones?
Someone said on the forumn that for cd you go Panasonic then Sony, but vice versa for MD. Why is this?

thanks in advance
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Oh yeah, the quality will show.
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Also, beware, some of the new Panasonic MDP are reported to have as low as 3.5 mW of output power. That's looooooow!
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Tony! Read the stuff at www.r3mix.net for info on ripping and encoding mp3's.

However, the other info on that site was written by someone else, and, while the stuff on HOW to make mp3's as good as they can be is awesome, all of the OTHER stuff kinda sucks.
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Hi Tony and welcome to Head-Fi!

Micmic has good prices, but please do note that they charge extravagant fees if you use a credit card. Also note that many people have been unhappy with their customer service. If you ever have a problem with a unit that you imported from Japan (or Hong Kong, as the case is) it's a problem... but apparently Micmic makes it even worse. So be careful, and be sure you know what you're getting yourself into.
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