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New Rega Ear

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I emailed Rega inquiring when the restyled Rega Ear might be out, and here's their response:

Dear Jeff,

The new EAR will be available in October 2001.


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I hope they revamp the case it comes in. I know it shouldn't matter, but first impressions are important, and the plastic box of the present Rega Ear doesn't instill confidence in it's quality.
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I emailed Savant Audio, www.savantaudio.com, and they responded that they have the newly restyled ear in stock.

"Yes, we carry the Rega Ear. If you pick it up, we have to charge sales tax. If we ship to NY or PA or any state other than NJ, there is no sales tax.

The new styled EAR are on sale for $199.

We accept all major credit cards, bank checks, money orders, wire transfers and Pay Pal.

If you wish to pay by credit card, you may provide the following information via e-mail or fax (609 799-8480):"

their email is savant@savantaudio.com and the contact name is Joshua Cintron.

The new case is supposed to be made out of the same extruded aluminum that the 2000 models are made of.

Good luck.
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I'm pretty sure they don't have the new one.

I mailed them a question asking if there was a picture of the new design. They sent me a link to this:


When I replied saying that appeared to be the old one, they replied with this:

Dear Sir:

We checked the link. It is displaying the CURRENT
model. We do not have any of the older models left in inventory.

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That looks like the model I looked at a few weeks ago and it is plastic, not extruded aluminum.
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Originally posted by mbriant
That looks like the model I looked at a few weeks ago and it is plastic, not extruded aluminum.
Ok... so that means that either:

A) there is even an *older* model than the "current" plastic EAR.

B) they are confused.

Option "A" would mean that there are 3 models of Ear:

1) some older model we haven't heard about till now
2) the current plastic model
3) the future aluminum model
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I'm going with "B"
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That looks like the one I have with a plastic case. If they made it out of extruded aluminum then it would be so awesome. Then it would look cool AND sound good!
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hey man, i live next door to you!

well almost, i live in La Selva, so a few exits down, but still pretty near.

sort of. i go to college in CT, so i'm here most of the time. plus i spend my summers here. too bad we don't have any substantial non-overlapping gear.

anyways, nice to see someone from the neighborhood.
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How does Rega Ear compare with other headphone amps?
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Though I've not heard any other amps, I've heard that the Rega compares favorably to the equivocal Creek amps. It sounds really good with both my Grados and Senns, but it is not tube like at all.
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