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Originally Posted by MaloS View Post
Clipping can be induced by adverse behavior of your player on particular track. It may have not been picked up by other equipment - which for whatever reason just is not sensitive enough in particular region. Clipping artifacts for example tend to be treble-based, which Shure E500 is not strong in.
I've heard clipping with E500s. They are sensitive enough to reveal it. They may be rolled off at the treble end, but that is not the same as saying they aren't sensitive at the treble end. They just don't push treble as far forward as some other IEMs.

He reports the clipping with "all" his iPods and iPhones. Assuming it is the source, that poses a problem for Westone, as those are likely sources people will use with their equipment. I still doubt the problem is with his iDevices.

On the case of amplification - if your mp3 player is on max volume driving an amplifier, it may not have enough headroom. Some equipment accounts for that by softening, other equipment just goes into good old distortion. Yours may be the latter.
Yeah, haven't heard DaveMahler say whether he is using an amp or not.
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I'm sure the db sensitivity level is far greater in the SE530's as opposed to the Westone 3 - is that the cause...? Ipod needs greater amplifier output to achieve the same audio level from Shure's to Westone's. Amp in Ipod might be distorting the audio..just a thought.
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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post
I got my Westone 3s yesterday and I love the sound in certain aspects. But the first thing I notice that when you using an iPod as my source and listening to a heavy piano song (Imagine by Lennon for instance) there is some serious clipping issues at fairly listenable volume levels. Is my pair defective or does anyone else notice this? What is this being caused by?

Also, I found it incredibly hard to get a seal with any of the tips which came with it and had to result to my Shure Olive foams, even those didn't give the best seal, not comparable to my SE530s.

Anyone else having this problems?

Can anyone take a photo for me of how the earphones are resting in their ear, maybe I'm not wearing them right.
What is your exact setup? (iPod model, iPhone model etc...) I want to try a few things and see if I cannot duplicate it here in the office.
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No update on this then.....?
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Originally Posted by gjc10212 View Post
No update on this then.....?
No response yet from the OP. I too would love to see if its' ampless or with an amp. And I DO wish people would state that initially, since IEMs sound so much differently amped vs. ampless.
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It's amp
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