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Originally Posted by patchoncas View Post


First time on Head-fi, because I can't seem to find this information anywhere.


Does anyone know where can I get one (possibly more) Carrie v2 boards? I have a AMB Mini3, and this Carrie amp interests me greatly!

I read through the whole thread, so my hopes are low (really low), but if someone has one and whishes to be charitable, I'm sure we can get along :)


Thanks anyway!

If you have some patients, there should be a new version coming out.

Like many of use who like to design things, Joneeboi's free time is in

short supply.

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Hey folks,


As Avro mentioned, I am indeed kinda busy. Marriage and work and vacation taking up my time in the last few months, but as the dust has started to settle, I want to move forward with the design. First step is actually getting the PCBs, but I want to double check that my design makes sense. I let my obsessive side take over previously, and now I need to just get it moving. I'm almost never on head-fi to browse, but I do get email notifications on PMs. Trying to at least stumble toward the finish line, but this water break has lasted long enough.

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So... after a long break, I finally got around to debugging my Carrie.


I took the TL750L10 off the pcb to test it on a bread board. With an input voltage of 14.7 V and an output current of 30 mA, the output voltage reads 13 V. Does this mean the regulator is dead?


I've never experienced such a behavior from an LDO.


Either way if current is flowing trough it, I don't see why my Carrie is not operational. I'll try resoldering the LDO in and do more tests on the circuit. I wish I had spares to compare... This IC is one of the few I didn't get a spare of. Silly me.

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The LDO back in, I get 1.87 V on its input and 1.84 V on its output. I'm guessing there's a short somewhere but being mostly a trough-hole board I have no idea where to look. Not to mention the LDO doesn't get hot... Maybe it detects a short and shuts down, but then why is the input 1.87V?!?

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What's the DCP's output reading?

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