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Durability of SE530's

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Just wondering what the durabilities of the 530's are. I understand that cables are quite durable but i need to know if the buds can stand up to the daily wear and tear. Im a college student, so it would be a hassle for me to keep casing/uncasing after each class, so im thinking of going caseless. would the 530's hold up to this? if i remember my 110's and 210's were straight soldiers.
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During 18 months of ownership I had to have Shure replace mine 3 times - Ive now sold them!
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was the replacement because of drops and abuse? you weren't satsified?
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Not abused, always put back in the hard case after use. I think the problem was using them in the gym. I cross train for an hour and sweat a lot. Im sure moisture got into them and stopped either the left or right bud working.

The upside is that Shure replaced them each time with new ones, without question and a very speedy service.
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hmmm, im worried more about drops and bangs. Taking it out and putting it back in the case would be very cumbersum for me. Also, i need to know how they hold up in the cold weather.
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Well they feel quite solid and Im from the UK and right now we have snow - lots of it, its always cold but they survivied!
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I've gotten mine replaced after they cracked, and I'm never wearing them outside the house again.
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another two quick questions. Has anyone dropped or accidentally tugged on the headphones to hard? still fine? Just want to know if these phones can stand the daily beat ups.

another thing, if you put your songs volume adjustment to 100% in itunes, does it distort the sound when you listen through the headphones? Do you get a better experience if you leave it at "none"?
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my second pair is almost dead after few months
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Just curious where are the SE530s made in?
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you people must treat your IEM;s like trash; seriously... I wear mine on average about 4-6 hrs a day and I have no issues whatsoever. i've now had them for about 6 months; the cable is still perfect, I have dropped them a onto the ground not hard or from great height but still dropped them; also have accidentally left them plugged into my computer and grabbed them as if they were connected to my pico still no problem; I didn't yank hard or anything and noticed just before I reached the stress point but still. I only use the case if i'm travelling; the rest of the time they are hanging around my neck. initially I used to just hang them there but since they dropped that time, I now have my head pushed through the cable; that is I push the cable adjustment thingy all the way to the end near the drivers; then I put my head through the resulting loop with the IEM's behind my head, then I tighten the cable almost like a noose and put them in from behind my head/ears as normal and tighten again for fit. this has turned out to be a great way to wear them. I dont even have to think about them now; I just take them out and let them hang there. you people who wear them at the gym and then wonder why they get stuffed up amaze me. no I dont abuse them LOL thats classic just because you dont bash them against stuff or stand on them daily, doesn't mean it isnt abuse. sweat/moisture is the worst enemy an IEM can have and an hour each day!!! please. you are just lucky shure has such great after sales warranty and service; many companies would have stopped replacing you IEM's after the first time.

and to the OP 100% volume will be fine. a line out after all is exactly that 100 percent volume and not going through the amp. in daps an amp doesnt increase volume; it attenuates it. so through a line out (the highest quality setting available in daps) it is always at 100%
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I've had mine for months now, and have been harsh on them from time to time, rushing about London on the underground etc.

No issues at all. I think mine was a newer model that had the cable upgrade (more flexible and thinner cable). No issues what-so-ever.
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