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The best IEM for me

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Hi Head-fier
I am searching for the best IEM for me. I want a IEM which is good for rock/metal (Pink Floyd,AC/DC,Linkin Park) and makes fun. Of course the SQ should be good. I like it with a bit more bass and much Details. I read some reviews and this are the IEMs that i am interested.
UE triple.fi
Shure SE 530
Klipsch X10 and Custom 3
Westone 3
Sennheiser ie 8
of course you can recommend more IEMs


PS:sorry for my english
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Westone 3 (best overall sound), Triple.fi 10 Pro (hardest to get good fit with), Klipsch Image X10 (most comfortable)

I'd recommend any of the above three for your needs.
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From your list i would go with the Westone 3. I have the UM2 and if the 3 is better than that then sign me up
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Westone 3.
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where can I buy westone 3 for a better price and besides, will it need an amp?
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if you are in the US, you can buy it from ebay and get some money back from live cashback program, that's what I heard. And yes, an amp is need, though I think it still do fine without an amp
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I got a x10
it is better than my old im716
very strong bass, accoustic sound
fits perfectly
I know many ppl like westone 3..
but it is so expensive for me...400 bucks..
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Thanks for the answers.
What I forgot is that i have got the UE super.fi 3, but for me the bass is to less.
Can anybody discribes the sound of this earphones (like westone um2 is warm), please?

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How about IE40?
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Are they not the same as the UE triple.fi, with another design?
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