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Can PK1 take abuse? - Page 3

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Haha, I don't think I would lend my brother to use my AKG K271 as earmuffs. If he falls and break my can, he is better hurt himself (j/k).

But I don't think I would want to use IEM while snowboarding since I want to be able to pay attention to surroundings (what if people are screaming "Avalanche" and I'm still chilling with my IEM)

I read Kostalex's review saying that his cable break because of the cold weather. But then again, I notice he lives in Russia (vs. snowboarding in Big Bear). My friend also tells me that I could put lotion around the cable and wrap it up with bandage to prevent the cable from drying and breaking. I'll try that and let you guys know how it goes

But overall, the consensus says that PK1 is not a good idea to be used for snowboarding right? I'll pass that on to my brother haha
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Or...maybe fear of breaking the PK1 might cause my brother to become even better at snowboarding because he doesn't want to break it when he falls hahahhahaha...just a thought
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Yeah, I would never recommend or encourage using high end cans for any active sport.

This is a job for cheap cans you don't care about beating up.
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For the record, my PK2s have held up well during the few times i've accidentally yanked the cables (they got caught up in something) pretty hard.
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