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Originally Posted by immtbiker View Post
.....The ESW's have incredible bass and detail, and these are the Portaphiles best assets.

That, and the price is very fair.
and ... (you forgot to mention) ... remarkable inner detail, dimensionality, timbral complexities, texture, and superbly lifelike presentation.

For high-quality recharchgeables for the Portaphile Maxxed: 9V 520mAh Professional, 9 volt Lithium-Polymer, $20.95 at BatteryJunction.com. My older 500mAh Li-Po's last 8-8.5 hrs. continuous play. No comparison with my Tomahawk's 400 or so hrs. on 2xAAA, but the sound is worth it to me -- and, as monsieur Immtbiker will tell you, it's just dandy as a desktop amp tethetered to AC power (near-home amp sound in a matchbox ... or something...).

BTW -- Predator and Pico are really swell-sounding amps, and of course they've got the DACs ... but ...

Well, that's my last appearance for the next few months.

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No amp here, they sound wonderful out of my X5L.

X5L30gig + portable amp + cans are not really portable in my case.

If you don't absolutely crave for improvement for SQ, they sound good out of DAP.
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I like mine with a 5.5G iMod and RSA SR-71A. I also like the ESW10's with the combination of a Sony D-25 and an iQube, though this combo doesn't travel well. I am looking forward to trying them with the P-51.
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Has anyone got experience with Zen Head + ESW10? just found a thread on Zen Head and wondered how it might sound as its SQ is more like tube amp sound.
this searching for an amp is doing my head in. never used an amp before and was wondering how different they are compared to ss amp sound. I mainly want an amp for classical music and jazz, but also rock, alternative etc.
I know that a good desktop tube amp would be much better but I have been travelling/ living in different countries for the last 10 years so I need something portable to match with my mac pro and ipod classic.

if you had to compare amps for classical and jazz music which type of amp would be better? tube or ss?
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I use Pico - ESW10.
Sounds good to me, but I don't have any other portables to compare to.

I wouldn't rate the opinions of most people too highly anyway since the majority doesn't level match.

A 2-3 dB difference in volume can make a huge difference in the perceived sound.
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Originally Posted by Romanee View Post
and ... (you forgot to mention) ... remarkable inner detail, dimensionality, timbral complexities, texture, and superbly lifelike presentation.
I was just about to say that...
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I've just got my ESW10JPN this morning. After trying for about 20 minutes with my lossless from Nano and RSA P-51, all I can say is AMAZING! Thumping and very tight bass, liquid vocal and super smooth mid. This is really an ultimate portable sound!
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I received my P-51 3 days ago and I'm really hoping for my esw10 and bundled 4g Nano to come in the next few days.
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Where is a good place or reputable place to buy the ESW10jpn? Pricejapan, audiocubes, or any others?

I don't feel too comfortable with ebay.
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Both PriceJapan and AudioCubes are very good places to order.
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Could we get a new sub-forum for Superportables please?
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seems like eBay is a fair bit cheaper then PriceJapan, which wants $550 US + 5%??
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got my ESW10's delivered by post!! I've been listening to these HPs for the last 3 hours and gotta say I'm extremely happy with what i am hearing so far!!!

Classic and Jazz music sounds just lovely with these headphones.
now gotta burn them in the next few days. I did notice improvement with the sound after initial 1.5~2 hrs and i think they will clear up more as I burn them in.
I can understand why some say that amp is not necessary as the sound is just great out of ipods and portable players. however, If I do get an amp for these it will probably be the mustang P51.

well, thanks to all on head-fi forum for informing me about these headphones and giving me the chance to truly enjoy my music on the go!!
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Originally Posted by joeq70 View Post
I've been searching for impressions on what portable amps have great synergy with the recently released ESW10. So far, I've really only seen a few brief comments about the phone's sound on specific portable amps, and I have seen a few threads discussing portable amps and the ESW9. But since the general consensus in that the ESW10 has a distinctly different sound than the ESW9, I'd assume that each phone would be best suited with different portable amps. Those of you out there who have heard the ESW10 on more than one portable amp, could you perhaps offer your thoughts on which amps sound the best with it or even if the ESW10 benefits much from an amp? Thanks!
My ESW10 are not particularly picky about the amp I use, and tend sound sound pretty good with most portable amps. The better the amp, the better the sound, but there isn't one particular amp here at my house (portable or desktop) that makes them sound bad.
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i tried the esw10 with the p-51, pico and the d3.

the esw10 sounds great on all 3 amps and my pick with be the esw10 + p-51 for the sweet mids and the portability.
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