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Shure SE110 or SCL2?

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Hey guys i was wondering if anyone would be willing to offer up their opinion. Basically, to make a long story short, I'm I don't consider myself an audiophile, just a person who can recognize decent sound and resents poor audio. I have a very limited budget of about $75 (give or take about ten) for the purchase of a pair of in ear headphones. I have found that has very good prices and are running a promotion for 25% off that ends at midnight tonight. I have basically narrowed my choices down to two sets of earphones These are the Shure SE110-K and the Shure SCL2. My window of opportunity is pretty narrow and if i don't make a decision soon then i likely won't be able to afford either. Any advice would be appreciated.

So i kindof gave up on the 25% off sale because i decided it would be better to make a good decision and try them out first than to save a little money. I'm still interested in oppinions on these two headphones because, as a non-expert, its hard for me to really understand the differences. Any other ideas for a good pair of IEMs that cost around $75, maybe up to 100, but that would be a strict limit. I listen to a VERY wide variety of music that basically includes everything that doesn't suck. I kind-of have a thing for bass, but not at the cost of losing prominent mids and distinct highs.

ps. Sorry if ive broken any rules or what not in this post. In a way i feel bad about asking all this because I feel like I might be taking advantage of the site and its members. I'm also sure you probably get TONS of posts just like this every day. On the other hand, I don't trust manufacturers and retailers and i don't find much credibility in the customer reviews on their websites so i was hoping the experts in this community would be able to help me out.

Thanks again
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I don't think either is a particularly good value, even with the 25% off. I'd look at the Altec Lansing rebrands of the UE 3, which are $40 w/ free shipping on right now.

Altec Lansing Upgrader UHP336 Stereo Earphone - UHP336 -
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$75-$100? Bass? Decent mids and highs? Denon C551, anyone?
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Originally Posted by njacques9 View Post
Thanks again

re2 $79 right now from Head Direct, very positive reviews from fellow Head Fi'ers


Best Value:
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Hey everyone thanks for the replies. They have all been great suggestions. Sadly, my wallet will probably end up deciding which ones i get over my heart/ears. I really like the Denon's and I even found these on amazon for just 96 dollars. I've read some glowing reviews of them on this sight. Does this look legit to you? The price almost seems to good to be true.
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