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IEMs to replace E2C in Canada - IE-30??

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Hi all,

Just found head-fi a few days ago - there's a lot of information here! I was hoping to get a bit of "specialized help" if possible:

My Shure e2c's are dying from cracked cables behind the ear (past two year warranty and Shure Canada won't replace), so I'm looking for new IEMs. I listen to a mix, mostly techno, some rock, some classical, and I wear them while walking around, at the gym, and while working. Main gripes with e2c's were the weak bass (I'm pretty sure I had a good seal), crappy cables, and occasional ear stress.

One pair I can buy locally (important to me) are the M-Audio IE-30's (CAD 240), which I've gathered is a rebranded UE super.fi 5 Pro. The replaceable cable is a big plus for me, but I do worry a bit about the size as I used the small silicone plugs on my Shures and I've heard UE's fit big.

Another option are SE420 IEMs (CAD 330), but I'm worried about more cable woes and they cost more than I want to spend (~ CAD 250).

I'd appreciate any thoughts, as well as other options I may have overlooked (sadly AFAIK Westone and Sleek Audio cannot be purchased locally in Toronto, and I worry about stories of weak cables on Klipsch IEMs) Does anyone with the IE-30's or UE SF5P's care to comment on how they sound and how well they isolate sound when working out (i.e do they come loose easily)? Can they withstand being shoved in my jeans pocket? Will they sound nice unamped from my iPhone?


PS - If anyone knows good retailers in the Toronto/Mississauga area, I'd be grateful for the advice! Of course, I already know about Bay Bloor Radio
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The M-Audio rebrands of the UE universals are a lot more expensive than the UE originals.
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I've read that but it doesn't seem to hold true for retailers near me - the UE SF5P's are CAD 250 (and out of stock) at Future Shop (our equivalent of Best Buy) - making the IE-30s actually a bit cheaper! Sadly I've not found UE's available at any other place nearby
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i just picked up a pair of Super.fi5 eb from bay bloor radio

they sell them for 199 (on par with the U.S. MSRP)...
my roommate and I both bought a pair so they only charged us 179$ each..

you could also check out moog audio on queen street (just past queen/spadina)
good luck

ps: i'm loving the ebs. --> techno, rock (you may have to fiddle with the eq a bit..) hip hop, even classical (especially for the cellos)

pm if you need anything more help. cheers!
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inmotion - thanks for the tip about bay bloor - I went there yesterday to try on a pair of super.fi 5 Pros... and ended up trying and buy the triple.fi's! Still getting used to the fit - the small buds are a touch too big for me right now.

If you want to buy IEMs in the Toronto area I'd give them a shot - they have demo models of all their IEMs (something like 20 models)!
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Im not sure if its an upgrade but my e3c broke (the left has no sound) so I picked up a super.fi 4 (I was looking at the 4vi but its not on sale, its 150-160 I think) for $80(was on sale so picked a pair) at futureshop. I figured I need something mobile and I want a custom iem but can't afford it right now so I got something acceptable for now.
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