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I have decided to step up a bit. My mission is to upgrade my Ipod Classic 160gb listening experience without digging to deep into my pockets.
I think i might be ordering the UE set, seems balanced.
But my worry is not the IEM`s. But the Ipod Classics Cirrus chip.
I did enjoy the warmth of the 5g better.

So shoot me if im wrong, can i circumvent that somehow? Being a noobie one has to ask, will or can i enjoy the benefits of an external amp? Does this improve the quality and provide some warmth to my listening experience?
After what I understand, can I get a LOD cable to circumvent the 6g`s otherwise dry sound through an amp? Feel free to shoot my ideas down if they are wrong.

Any other advice as to increase my listening experience with the 6G is greatly appreciated. Anything goes.

Audiogeenies, have at it and thanks for the help!