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First post here.

I've been reading these forums for the past couple of months on a daily basis.

From the threads I've been contemplating getting full size headphones to use for both gaming/music on my pc, and for my 1hr commute to work.

I was looking at the ATH-ES7 (A/AD700s are WAY too big for me)

However this holiday my wife got me a portable music player so now I'm contempalting some IEMs.

I'm currently debating between the

full size - on ear Audio Technica ATH-ES7
and the
IEM Denon AHC-751.

I know the ideal solution would be to have 1 set for home and 1 set for the road, however that does not go good with my budget (~$120 max)

I will be listening to a wide range of music,
from classical/opera to trance, to rock as well as gaming {mostly WoW, which i usually play while listening to "Cafe del Mar" Aria comps, or World Music (i.e. Niyaz) }.

thanks mates.